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Recent content by prsaxeman

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    FX8 V5.04 Released

    Yes, thank you very much. I've just done it :)
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    FX8 V5.04 Released

    You cannot back up any individual presets or preset banks to your PC/laptop using Fractal Bot V5.04. It's been like this for months now and the company don't give a rat's ass about fixing it. By the way, thanks for the Preset Manager tip; at least I can now back up songs individually which is...
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    How do I detune using the Pitch effect?

    Thank you Chris, appreciate the help.
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    How do I detune using the Pitch effect?

    Thank you Chris, appreciate the help.
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    How do I detune using the Pitch effect?

    Ok, ok, I give up. I've had my FX8 for about 3 years now and thought I'd really got to grips with it, but no. All I want to do is detune my guitar a semi-tone for one song, and a full tone for another. But as much as I have tried I cannot do it. I'm using the "Detune" type as I'm not interested...
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    FX8 Firmware - revert to V5.03

    Hi there. I currently have Firmware V5.04 loaded (big mistake) on my FX8 and cannot back up my pre-sets using Fractal Bot. I see from the forum that this is a well documented issue, however, how the hell do I revert to V5.03??? I can see the zipped downloaded file, but I cannot select it using...
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    Moving/saving scenes

    Chris, thank you very much, much appreciated :)
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    Moving/saving scenes

    In Scene mode, is there an easy way to move 2 scenes set up on foot switches 1 and 2 to foot switches 5 and 6 respectively? I expect this has been asked before but with so many pages to trawl through now in the forum, life's just too short. I know I'm being lazy but if anyone has the simple...
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    FX8 Preset Exchange

    Ok, for any Police fans out there, here's Message in a Bottle. Amp: Mesa Lonestar, clean channel (Andy Summers used the drive in the amp, but I set the drive (FET Boost) on the FX8, to give it just a touch of o/d). I've also put a Pitch block in because for the original recording, Summers used...
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    Wish Tone Matching

    Phil, many thanks for the response, I'll check out your link. It would just be great to get somewhere near a tone/sound which otherwise would be/is difficult to find/dial up.
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    Wish Tone Matching

    Yes, before anyone goes off on one, I know it's an AxeFXII feature which uses amp modelling to help achieve the tone, but I'm really surprised how few people have asked for a tone matching capability. It can take hours of tweaking to get certain sound effects or tones, and taking, for example...
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    FX8 NEWB questions!!

    A preset can have up to 8 blocks in it. If you select that preset and then go into Scene mode, you can select any combination of those blocks that you initially set in the preset. Example: You set up a preset with WAH in block 1, DRV in block 2, DRV in block 3, FLG in block 4, CHO in block 5...
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    FX8 mounting to a pedaltrain board

    I'd really like to mount mine to my Pedal Train Pro, but it will have to be right at the lowest point of the board so that the case lid will shut. The FX8 sits fairly high. I guess the alternative is wait for the TrailerTrash board to come out.
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    Peter Frampton Presets

    Dave You are probably one of many, including me, who are eagerly awaiting Axe-change to swop out and share our sounds. Let's hope they get it started soon.
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    EU pricing abuse from G66

    Hey, I'm in Canada, just across the border from New York state. With the exchange rate at the moment (1 Can$ = US$0.76), US$1350 equates to Can$1771. Then add 13% when it comes in to Canada = Can$2000. A few months ago, when the US$ = Can$, I would have only paid US$1350 + 13% tax = Can$1525...
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