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Recent content by konradmann

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    IEM Systems-What do you use/recommend?

    The in-ear monitors (IEMs): Shure SE535 The transmission system: Sennheiser G3 The monitor mixer: Behringer XR18 Very satisfied.
  2. K

    Another IEM thread...

    Do you have some recommendations how to pan the instrument in Stereo-IEM-Mix for guitarist? My starting point is: Kick: Center Snare: Center Overhead 1: 100% Left Overhead 2: 100% Right Tom Small: 40% Left Tom Middle: 10% Left Tom Floor: 40% Right Bass: Center Other (not mine) Guitar: 70% Right...
  3. K

    IEMs + FOH and use of Reverb?

    Thanks! Now I will try to find the splitter snake :-)
  4. K

    IEMs + FOH and use of Reverb?

    Thanks, you addressed few concerns that I have :-) I also have doubt, that venue will connect the drum mics in our splitter, that is the reason for thought about smaller solutions.
  5. K

    IEMs + FOH and use of Reverb?

    We are starting to use IEM and would be thankful for some experiences of yours. We use Behringer XR18 for IEM und have miced all drum set (7 mics). But how it works live? Especially when we play with few other bands at the evening. So the FOH will make the main mix and provides drum micing etc...
  6. K

    Marshall JVM410HJS Midi problem

    Did you try to check what messages go out from FX8 with i.E. Midi Monitor, so that you can be sure that JVM receives only one PC message?
  7. K

    Marshall JVM410HJS Midi problem

    Do you send only PC to JS? I can remember that I had similar problem when I tried to send PC and CC at the same time. JS ("older" chip version in JS works only with either PC or CC commands; I read somewhere that there is a newer chip version that allowed to mix the both statements). Here I...
  8. K

    Bonamassa sh!tstorm in 3...2...1....

    I am sure he did not try FW18 ;-)
  9. K

    Metallica Playing Corp. Gig - Is that a rack of Axe-Fx's...

    Am I the only one that does not like how they sound?
  10. K

    OwnHammer V3 Mix Libraries Now Available!

    I saw the Torpedo Studio Demo from Steve Stevens today. I think he uses your IRs :-)
  11. K

    FX8 Update

    Thanks for the update!
  12. K

    FX8 price in EU

    What is the reason that the price in EU is still not known? I would think that few weeks are enough to calculate.
  13. K

    Kemper 2.7.0 VS Axe Fx II XL 16.02

    IMHO the best way to convince yourself (and others) is with your playing and tone. When you need scientifical data, you already lost. That means something is not right.
  14. K

    Kemper 2.7.0 VS Axe Fx II XL 16.02

    nimbas posted in Kemper-Forum: LOL
  15. K

    Physical specs

    I saw few days ago a tester bring it on the stage ... looks pretty heavy ...
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