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Tune for a furry friend

Brian Coonan

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So sorry man. A few years ago we had some very old cats (17,19, and 20) and they all went within a year of each other. Was brutal and close to the worst thing I've ever had to go through. I feel for ya man. The only consolation is that we CAN say we made their lives as good as they could possibly have.


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Sorry too hear of your loss...beautiful tribute song/video for him. I lost my buddy (SYK - ShipYard Kat), early last year...miss him every day, but I know he had a better life (than working in the Shipyard) where I found him, because of us.
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What a righteous tribute Leon! Sorry for your loss. We also lost my old furry friend on Christmas Eve, incidentally the same age as yours, so your tribute really resonated with me.
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