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So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

Ben Randolph

Power User
I’m curious to know if the MFC 101 III will be compatible/useable with the AXE FX III ?

I don't think so. My AxeFX II never leaves the studio, so this go around I'll probably skip the floor controller. Not being a gigging musician, my MFC has been kind of superfluous to my setup.


Fractal Fanatic
Some. The pitch detection is better but otherwise the blocks are the same. Remember it's a lot of work migrating stuff to a new architecture. The III is a brand-new platform.
I know obviously ;)

Just as the II had dozens of firmware update the III will receive many updates and there's so much power there that we can improve everything over time.
This power gives you no excuses to not do it then :p
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