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So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)


So far what sticks out to me as MOST impacting overall are:

-huge leap in CPU mojo to allow more powerful algorithms (better, more complex tones and more room to expand and create new features.)

-much more I/O allowing this to be used as your main DAW interface for one thing. (I assume this will have a built-in digital mixer now or soon to allow complex routing of audio signals within the guitar-realm and the DAW-world and the fun intermingling in between the two?)

-along those lines, the III now acts as a powerful fuller-scale midi interface as well.

-still along those lines (and many other lines as well) the conversion quality of the AD and the DA converters is reportedly vastly improved. Axe-Fx will be more clear, less harsh and more natural sounding in bedroom to studio to arena.
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Fractal Fanatic
I just read the product page. Congratulations to FAS in advance, this looks incredible.

Channels should be awesome! I'm on the waiting list!


So let's hope, that I won't have to sell my grandma for this unit. BTW.....anybody interested in my grandma?

I'll take her if she's one of those rich grandmas who love to spoil kids...like me...with Axe FX IIIs, IV's and V's and set up recording studios and stud-pads in NYC, London and the Alps for the grandkids.
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