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So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)


Question / wish :

Will it be possible to gradually morph from one channel to another? Or are channels limited to hard switching (it's one, or the other, but no blending)?
You cannot blend between channels. You can, of course, use multiple of the same block and blend between those.


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It was a monumental amount of work. The DSP board design was the most difficult hardware design we've ever done. It's a 10-layer board with all fine-pitch technology. Then migrating all the algorithms to a new processor architecture. The team did a phenomenal job.

Thermals should be way better now right? Semi-modern fab process node for the DSPs FTW :)


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So can someone sum up what exactly is new in the effect section? Which new effect algos? Which improvements of the algos? Thanks in advance.

Jason Scott

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So, what's different regarding tone matching? The info. states:

"Tone Matching block is also improved, now with the impressive ability to clone the tone of an amp"

Are we talking about non-linear functions or strictly EQ matching?


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This...see differences between current Axe-Fx and the new one? Changes in # of blocks per preset (like 4 gates, 4 GEQs, etc), number of channels per effects block going to 4 (versus 2 using X/Y) with no-gap changing, new blocks like RTA (Real Time Analyzer!) and Multiplexer that lets you route signals? The AXE III is tone sculpting nirvana!



it's awesome, great new specs and sound very powerfull.
Depending on the new CPU power and the 800x480 color screen, maybe it's not be too difficult to reach a more " sweet graphical" interface on knobs, switch, menus... just my 2 cents


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how about the cooling/fan/noise?

and can the footcontrollers send multiple midi messages per click/button if yes, how many?
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