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Hyper Planet

Power User
Beside our main band Hyper Planet it's been a while that we're making making some different music that included lots of unexpected musical moments with eastern melodies/accents and progressive metal music elements

My Father is on Kanoun, and My Brother Armin Saffar on the Bass, it's our ninth snippet off of this project we'll make the whole stuff into a complete album soon!

I used @MLSOUNDLAB .wav pack + ML MESA V AMP for my guitar tone and my brother Armin used ML MESA BASS pack for his bass tone

Let me know how does it sound to your ears?



Fractal Fanatic
I've been to Iran three times and I do dig Middle Eastern melodies. The traditional ones that is. I like this blend so thumbs up from me!

Hyper Planet

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No wonder this music is great: A few thousand years more high culture than Europe (not to speak of USA, exzcept for native americans).

I'm glad you liked our music be cure to check out my Instagram page for having more like this, my Instagram page: aminhyperplanet
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