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  1. Hyper Planet

    Progressive metal + Persian music/Experimental

    Beside our main band Hyper Planet it's been a while that we're making making some different music that included lots of unexpected musical moments with eastern melodies/accents and progressive metal music elements My Father is on Kanoun, and My Brother Armin Saffar on the Bass, it's our ninth...
  2. Hyper Planet

    My daily practice in alternate picking land - Using amplitube Mesa

    Hey guys this is a short journey into my daily practice in alternate picking land with my Boy RG1820X loaded with BNP-Juggernauts, 98% of times I'm using plugins for practicing, My blacky box is resting :) what about you guys, are you using Axe-Fx for your daily practicing ?
  3. Hyper Planet

    My improvise over Misha Mansoor dreamy demo music

    Some days ago Misha put a really soft, dreamy demo music on his facebook page which I loved so after that I took my guitar and did a improvise over it and recorded what I heard in my mind immediately, I used Mr.Floyd stock preset in my Axe-Fx II Mark II What do you think guys ?
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