1. C

    Axe-Fx time out on MFC-101

    Hi im new on the forum and i have an issue with my mfc 101 mark 11 and my axe fx 11 original it marks axe fx time out and it doesnt work at all ive tried everything like resset the mfc 101 to its original settings using midi cable and then ethernet and is the same result i have changed the...
  2. Hyper Planet

    MLSOUNDLAB Mark IIC+ amp pack - DREAM THEATER Barstool Warrior 1st GTR solo

    So happy with the latest @mlsoundlab amp pack Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ How does it sound to your ears? Be sure to follow me on Instagram as well My Instagram page: aminhyperplanet
  3. Hyper Planet

    Progressive metal + Persian music/Experimental

    Beside our main band Hyper Planet it's been a while that we're making making some different music that included lots of unexpected musical moments with eastern melodies/accents and progressive metal music elements My Father is on Kanoun, and My Brother Armin Saffar on the Bass, it's our ninth...
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