1. Hyper Planet

    MESA Amp fans where you put EQ location in the amp block???

    With using Ares 2.0 I feel it's better to use EQ location on PRE it's more like real tube amp tone with it's fully details, just want to have the other people opinions? where you guys like to put it PRE or POST?
  2. Hyper Planet

    Lick of the day: Aromatic Dm Pentatonic + Dorian #4mode + Steep Augmented arps

    Hey fellas Id like to blend different scales, modes, arps in my licks, What about you? do you like traditional way for composing a lick, solo or like to having a mix of different scales,modes...etc,
  3. Hyper Planet

    MLSOUNDLAB Mesa Trad 4x12 - DREAM THEATER - Forsaken GTR solo section

    Hey guys here’s a video which is showing how this pack is sounding through lead tone, I used Dream Mix IR which is one of favorite IR through the pack and met the Mark IV amp sim after a long time on the Axe-Fx II how does it sound to your ears?
  4. Hyper Planet

    High Density Progressive Metal [Video Teaser] by Hyper Planet band from Iran

    Hey guys as you know I’m guitarist and songwriter for Hyper Planet band a progressive metal band from Iran-Tehran, we love to play music, write music, and mixing, our album will be out this year!!!, here’s a new music video teaser off of Hyper Planet music, please let me know how does it sound...
  5. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER - Pale Blue Dot GTR solo - ML MESA OS .wav pack

    Here's another DT cover off of their latest record, I love this solo it has so much attitude especially when you do that vibratos and bends in the way that JP did!, So let me know how does it sound to your ears?
  6. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER-Barstool Warrior 2nd GTR solo + ML MESA OS .wav pack

    Hi there; I love Distance Over Time I love all the guitar solos of the album, I used USA IIC++ N Omnipotent IR from MLSOUNDLAB MESA OS .wav pack let me know how does it sound?
  7. Hyper Planet

    Progressive metal + Persian music/Experimental

    Beside our main band Hyper Planet it's been a while that we're making making some different music that included lots of unexpected musical moments with eastern melodies/accents and progressive metal music elements My Father is on Kanoun, and My Brother Armin Saffar on the Bass, it's our ninth...
  8. Hyper Planet

    DREAM THEATER NEW ALBUM TEASER - ''Distance Over Time''

    The info about the new DT album is revealing like growing those beautiful little wheat seeds from a fertile soil ;) Ok!, My focus is more on the GTR tone in this short teaser while the music is exactly what we're expecting to be by Prog/metal giants, it has a nice memorable and warm vocal...
  9. Hyper Planet

    Prog/Metal Guitar Solo by Amin Saffar + Q 10.01 FW

    Hey folks check out my newest guitar solo, I hope you enjoy it and let me know how does it sound to your ears?, also follow me on Instagram of you'd like to see more like this ---> @aminhyperplanet As a Mesa guy I hope we could have JP-2C head in the II before stop the updates @FractalAudio PLEASE
  10. Hyper Planet

    Dilemma (Proggy, long guitar solo) - Amin Saffar [Guitar solos] Armin Saffar[Bass guitar]

    This is the song in which me and my brother were as guest musicians, I wrote and played the guitar solos and my amazing and talented brother Armin Saffar wrote and played the bass lines on it All the guitars and bass lines recorded with the Axe-Fx II and MLSOUNDLAB Cab-Packs [Cab-pack 7 and USA...
  11. Hyper Planet

    JP-2C TM W/Quantum 9.04 - PRESET ADDED!

    PRESET ADDED! Hey guys we're all exciting about the great news The Axe-Fx III, all focus, concentration is on the III, but I did it 2 days ago with this video that MESA released just 5 days ago I used JP tone for TM from 3:02 till the end of riff, I always love to have this amp in the II but I...
  12. Hyper Planet

    Our band ''Blasting The Wine'' - NEW SNIPPET ! + FAS & ML UPCOMING MESA CAB-PACK

    Hey guys :), check out our new snippet off of our new musical project which is called : Blasting The Wine, we used the Axe-Fx II and @MLSOUNDLAB Cab-Packs for recording all Instruments ALSO PLEASE LISTEN TO SOUND CLOUD LINK WHICH I PUT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS THREAD I'd be happy to have your...
  13. Hyper Planet

    Mesa Boogie JP 2C TM

    Hey fellas, yesterday I just found TM clip that I did around 4 or 5 month ago with a YT MESA JP 2C, and decided to share it with all my friends on forum, I still hope to have this amp in the Axe-Fx II there's a subtle but different tone in JP 2C that I couldn't achieve it with existing IIC+ amps...
  14. Hyper Planet

    ML MESA BASS Preset - Cab Bundle - ''Luminol'' Bass riff from Steven Wilson

    Hey guys my brother Armin played Luminol Bass riff with a preset - Cab Bundle from upcoming ML MESA BASS Cab-Pack Have fun ;)
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