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Post Your Rig!


Have you tried to emulate your Silver Machine MkII(?) wah settings in the Ultra?
Well, out of the 24 wha profiles on the MK2 I am using 4 or 5 of them in our set, and I am sure that with the Ultra I could replicate those, but it is IMO easier to change the wha just by turning a button on the MK2 rather than to manage all the different blocks/presets on the Axe. Regarding my previous post re the TT CAB T-Rex M5, I just want to precise that IRs sound signature are well transcripted by the cab, but as I was using most of the time EV IR i do not need them anymore.


This is my modest setup. Still haven't got the FCB1010 fully functioning yet but I'm getting close... I think.

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Nice guitars!
So for the 1000000th time: what are your thoughts on the axe fx and the 11R? :) How do you use them both?
Shure ULXP wireless
Square 1 rack interface
Furman PL-Plus conditioner
M13 on the floor in front of an Axe-Ultra with Korg A3 in the fx loop.
Carvin DCM150 power amp into two Vox 2x12's with Eminence Red Fangs.
Axess Electronics FX1 with Boss FV-300L and Vox wah exp pedals.

Hi there, just a question...
using a FRFT Power amp (carvin) ang guitar cabinets (vox) do you keep cab simulator in your axe fx turned on or not??? thanX!
This is my ultra-portable and lightweight rig. I’ve never had this versatility and quality in such a small package. And the Koch is really LOUD at its 20 W.

Thinking of going frfr, but still deciding between getting a cheaper Behringer or similar, or wait until I can afford a QSC or FBT. Meanwhile, I’m very happy with this setup, best rig I’ve had in 20 years of gigs. :D

do you use the axe fx in the return (power amp in) input or plug direct into the guitar input plug?
Hey Guys! My name is Chuck and I'm new to this forum. Great people here. Thanks for all the informative stuff here too...I'm enjoying the heck out of my ultra.
Here's some pics of my setup with some Bose speakers, minus the Ground Control Pro Midi Foot Controller:

in this configuration do you keep the axe fx cab simulation on, right?
Here is my rig, not in a long way as sexy as lots of you guys have. But maybe I can claim the prize of most internationally bought rig. ;)

Axe-Fx (Ebay)
MFC-101 (G66)
EB jr pedal (music shop, Bangkok)
Seer SS poweramp. (China, direct from a pro audio factory)
Flight cases (factory in China)
Wangs 1x12 Seventy80 Guitar cabinet (Wangs amps, Beijing)
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB (Music shop, Hong Kong) (not in pic)



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Here is my modest setup. 6U The rack is rather heavy with the VHT in it. The sound quality more than makes up for that, although I am going to try out a Matrix in the next couple of weeks, I may yet be swayed....



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Thanks. Now if I can just get the noise down on the pre-MarkV input with the 4CM method all will be good and I can get back to working on new patches


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Next time I wheel it out from the wall I'll grab some pics of the back although some of the routing is still a work in progress as I get power cords that are all the correct length. My skills haven't reached Mark Snyder's yet either (especially with the number of cables running in and out of the GCX). :D

It depends on the type of music I'm playing but my main go to guitars are a couple of Steinbergers (favorite being the GS7TA in my avatar), EBMM JPX6 & JP7 and a Ovation doubleneck acoustic. Both the EBMM JPs on piezo and acoustics are run through the Aura Spectrum DI (so I don't see the need for any acoustic sim in the Axe II). When recording I run anything from the trusty strat through to Yamaha jazz to ESP Eclipse.
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