AFIII Porcupine Tree cover - firmware 3.0



Posted in the firmware 3.0 thread but I think it deserves its own thread.
Here's a cover of my favorite Porcupine Tree song, recorded with the Axe-Fx III firmware 3.0. No keyboards used here, just a MIDI drum track, everything else was played on 4 or 6 strings through the Axe 3, using and abusing the new reverb models

Vocals recorded by @shatteredsquare - great job dude !

I used a preset from my Friedman BE/HBE Amp Pack and modified it accordingly for that song. I will add it to the pack as a bonus soon
I bet Steve Vai wishes he had a lead tone like @3:12...I've never heard a recorded guitar sound so good. ANYWHERE.
Wow, thanks dude :) I'm proud that all the guitar tones in this version have zero post-processing. They're all from the first preset in my Friedman BE/HBE amp pack, tweaked for that song. I will add it to the pack soon

EDIT : time to use my previous avatar again ;)
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what's the details on the virtual bass rig?? I've never heard a bass recording push that much air except a real Warwick through a real 8x10, much less a virtual rig of any kind.
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