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Coming Soon


Sucks to be a line6 employee right about now...:lol

Awesome Cliff, nice to see just a dedicated multi effects floor unit that can channel switch too. :encouragement:

What price range can we expect these to fall in?


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Me likey... Tommy want wingie...

Don't know if the question is appropriate or not Cliff, (like inappropriate haven't been asked before here) but what will be the retail price? Very cool by the way.


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Is there anything it can do that AXE FX II cannot? Are there any thing new that is not in the axe fx II?


Fractal JR! I fucking knew it was coming!

I can already see the G-Systems out by trash in my neighborhood!


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Does it have a fast link connector? could it be used as a midi controller to the Axe-FX II? that way you could have double the amount of effects.


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True bypass and relay outputs. Longer Looper time. Other than that it's most of the fx from the Axe-Fx II in a floor package.

Will you be able to port effects blocks that you already have dialed in from existing AF2 presets?


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Just effects. Specifically designed for 4CM with dedicated pre- and post- paths. Up to 8 simultaneous effects. Any number assignable pre/post. Any combination of series or parallel routing. Two expression pedal inputs, four relay outputs. USB for remote editing with free FX8-Edit software. Silent Switch technology from the MFC Mark III. True Bypass. Etc., etc. Don't drop it on your foot.

Are you accepting pre-orders? When do you anticipate having a shipment arrive for inventory? I'm extremely interested.


I had Mesa/Boogie add an effects loop to my Mark IIa combo... This is insanely perfect, can hardly wait to wire that in!
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