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Coming soon...


Fractal Fanatic
Boy George......lol
I remember seeing the album cover, in a mall in northern Ontario, on display outside of a Records on Wheels. I looked at my friends, they looked at me and we pretty much simultaneously said, 'WTF' is that???? Keep in mind, it's 1982, in a small town, no Internet, no YouTube, hell, I don't even think we had cable TV up there yet. Seeing an alien land a UFO in the mall parking lot would have been less shocking and traumatic....<shiver>. :confused:


It's either journey, toto, or def leppard. Guaranteed.
Nope. Although it turned out as I was working on the preset I noticed it came very close to nailing Stone in Love. Journey and Def Leopard songs are definitely on my long term to do list.


We’re just having some fun while we wait. :)

Keep in mind, I was the wise-cracking smart ass that sat at the back of the class. Seems like there’s a few of us on this thread. :D
Oh, no worries at all. My sad smiley face was meant to imply it's all in fun, but maybe that didn't come across. Didn't take it too seriously at all. I'm amazed so many are interested. I'm tweaking again now. Aiming for next weekend for the big release. Have to get my recording setup back up and running. I'm going to record a full cover.
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