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Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

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And to the wise-ass who keeps making the accuracy vs. "better is subjective" comments:
We have two Deluxe Reverbs, a vintage 1965 Deluxe Reverb that the model is based on and a Reissue. The vintage one sounds great, the reissue doesn't quite sound as good. It's biased too cold. The comparison was between the model and the Reissue because the vintage amp is worth a small fortune and I only use that when actually working on models. It stays in climate controlled storage otherwise.
Can confirm. I also have a 1965 Deluxe Reverb and the model sounds better than the amp.


I think I need to get with the times and update.
As someone else mentioned, make sure you back up everything and then you can revert if/as desired. Note that if you save a preset in a later FW version and then try to load it in an older firmware it might not work (be blank/empty), so it's important to backup all presets at a minimum before updating.


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I have a Bassman 4x10 Reissue with a Custom Modded Output Transformer which sounds great... but it sounds better in my Axe III...

Joe Bfstplk

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Could you model both channels for the 59 Bassman.
It sounds like maybe you modeled the normal channel.
We need the bright channel.
I always use both channels jumped, or if I have to use one I use just the bright channel.
We can't do that presently in the Axe FXIII.
+1 for bright and jumped being added.
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