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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 10.00

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Someone usually posts these but don't see it so here are the changes:


Added Downtune control to Tuner. The Downtune control allows for simplified tuning when tuning down one to four semitones. The Tuner display will read the “natural” name of the note, i.e. if tuning down one semitone an Eb will read E. In addition any blocks that utilize pitch information will also be transposed accordingly.

Added Display Mode control to Tuner. This control allows selecting between all flats, all sharps or a mixture of sharps/flats for the displayed note name.

New power amp modeling algorithm. This algorithm improves the plate impedance accuracy substantially. This yields tighter bass, crunchier midrange and “chimier” highs.

Due to the changes in the power amp modeling algorithm the Power Tube Hardness parameter now behaves differently. Selecting a Power Tube Type loads the “knee voltage” for the power tubes and this voltage can be adjusted up or down using Power Tube Hardness. Higher values yield a lower knee voltage and more abrupt clipping and vice-versa. Existing presets will have Power Tube Hardness reset to 5.0 upon recall.

The range of the Transformer Match control has been reduced to 0.5 to 2.0. Existing presets will have this value reset to 1.0.

The Ideal Tetrode and Ideal Pentode power tube models are no longer applicable and have been replaced with 5881 and 6L6GB models, respectively.

The PI Bias Excursion values have been updated for some amp models. Existing presets will automatically be updated to the new default values. If you typically alter this parameter you should audition your presets.

The Amp block Dynamic Impedance parameter is no longer applicable and has been removed.

Added KT77 power tube type.

Improved Drive block. New diode modeling algorithm improves clipping accuracy especially for diodes with higher saturation currents, i.e. 1N270 and other germanium types.

Added D9E and D18 diode models to Drive block. These are Soviet germanium diodes valued for their smooth distortion characteristics.

Added “Ruckus LED/Si” type to Drive block. This model is based on a Suhr Riot with the toggle switch set to select the hybrid LED/Silicon Diode position.

Added “5 Band Mark” type to Graphic EQ block.

Fixed exported Tone Matches may, in rare cases, not sound the same as the Tone Match.

Fixed long delay times (over 1.5 seconds) in Plex Shift can cause artifacts.


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Yabba dabba ... time to head home and start the weekend early. Happy Firmware Friday everyone and thanks Cliff! :D


Going to be an extra fun weekend since my Axe Fx III is arriving in the mail today! Lucky me to get to switch from the II XL right as this is released!
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