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Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

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Wooha... what fixed?
Added Downtune control to Tuner. The Downtune control allows for simplified tuning when tuning down one to four semitones. The Tuner display will read the “natural” name of the note, i.e. if tuning down one semitone an Eb will read E. In addition any blocks that utilize pitch information will also be transposed accordingly.

Added Display Mode control to Tuner. This control allows selecting between all flats, all sharps or a mixture of sharps/flats for the displayed note name.

New power amp modeling algorithm. This algorithm improves the plate impedance accuracy substantially. This yields tighter bass, crunchier midrange and “chimier” highs.

Due to the changes in the power amp modeling algorithm the Power Tube Hardness parameter now behaves differently. Selecting a Power Tube Type loads the “knee voltage” for the power tubes and this voltage can be adjusted up or down using Power Tube Hardness. Higher values yield a lower knee voltage and more abrupt clipping and vice-versa. Existing presets will have Power Tube Hardness reset to 5.0 upon recall.

The range of the Transformer Match control has been reduced to 0.5 to 2.0. Existing presets will have this value reset to 1.0.

Added KT77 power tube type.

Fixed exported Tone Matches may, in rare cases, not sound the same as the Tone Match.

Fixed long delay times (over 1.5 seconds) in Plex Shift can cause artifacts.


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Cliff, is this general or per power amp tube type, i.e. is there be more variation expected by tube type with this update?
There won't be the same variation you would get by substituting in a real amp because the transformer matching stays consistent. IOW, if you put an EL84 in a Plexi the transformer matching is going to be way too low because the transconductance is very different. The power tube models normalize the transconductance so switching power tubes also effectively installs the correct output transformer.

For example, a pair of EL-84s want around 8K primary impedance. A pair of EL-34s want around 3.2K. If you put EL-84s in a Plexi the transformer will then be very undermatched (and probably burn the tubes up).

In the Axe-Fx if you change the tube type to EL-84 you get all the parameters of an EL-84 but the virtual transformer will be changed so that the matching stays the same. You will get the crunchier tone of the EL-84 though since its knee voltage (kvb) is roughly half that of an EL-34.
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