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Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

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Joe Bfstplk

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Really enjoying 10.00b2. Had almost an hour before the meeting with the India team to play with it, and was late a couple minutes to the meeting.... :oops:


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Anthropology Professor at a poster day who has no idea what he’s looking at: “So how would you explain this to an 8th grader?”
Hardcore pre-med bio major: “I wouldn’t”
(actual conversation I witnessed)
Like I say to my daughter as I glance at her phone/laptop: “If only there was an easy way to find out information about that...”


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Wow! Noticing a more balanced overall tone now compared to before - I hear all the strings more equally, and, as frequently has been the case for my rig here with these overall poweramp modelling improvements, all the Fx seem to sound a bit better to my ears in 10b2.

A few weeks ago I watched LT's vid on Soldanos where he mentioned the trick is to go about 1/2ish on the Drive knob and crank up the master. That did it for me! Soldano is my new hi-gain obsession - can't stop playing it now - after years of going back to it every few months with no luck figuring out why it's supposed to be so great.

Soldano in 10beeter could not be sweeter eh

lol - just noticed - years ago, when Axefx2 firmware reached 13 I put XIII on my Avatar - thought a few times I should get off my ass and correct it. Guess I'll wait since we're all the way up to 10 now on Axfx3 - 3 more and my avatar will be correct again - lol!


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Thanks for the continuous updates and refinements!

Possible bug... The Trainwreck Express has been making a bizarre sound since updating. It's like an electronic fizz sound. Will look into it more tomorrow.


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Thanks for the continuous updates and refinements!

Possible bug... The Trainwreck Express has been making a bizarre sound since updating. It's like an electronic fizz sound. Will look into it more tomorrow.
Just tested it here and it sounds like a Trainwreck. They're very buzzy and fizzy because the last stage is biased really cold. I think he did this to reduce the blocking distortion of the phase inverter when all he really had to do was put a resistor in series with the PI grid to reduce the bias excursion.

I'll double-check it tomorrow and compare with the reference amp.


I love how you just have a Trainwreck on hand to check against.
Yeah. Tho otherwise it would be kinda BS, going off of memory or circuit diagrams alone. [EDIT: but Cliff's ears/memory are probably best in class.]
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Previous JC120 bug I experienced on Beta 1 is gone! Awesome firmware, I can’t stop playing. It sounds and feels amazing. Lost an few hours with a cranked boosted Shiva on edge. Awesome stuff! Thanks Cliff.


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I'm probably not qualified except to say that different tube characteristics mean different tone/feel/clipping, but not as much as in a real amp (which doesn't auto-adjust the transformer).
probably not possible to implement due to everything that's going on under the hood, but wouldn't it be cool to have an "ideal" and "authentic" switch with the tube types that either normalizes everything or keeps it exactly like it would be on a real amp (even on the verge of destruction) and then "fixable" with the exposed parameters.

when real tubes are properly set up, biased etc. in real amps, they actually don't make such a massive difference, but people usually talk about tubes sounding different when there's some mismatching going on...


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Great! I have a show in 2 hours ... perfect time to install! Woohoooooo!
Good luck. When I was playing with FW10.00 Beta #1, it was not until I played a B on the 3rd string while using the neck pickup that it farted (it didn't fart with the bridge pickup); and it was at random. That took a while to discover
Not trying to drag this into a Kemper conversation but the concept of what Kemper does has always intrigued me. It is a virtual possibility of limitless amps and drive/amp combinations. That being said, Kemper definitely lacks the insane motivation we are now used to seeing for continual improvement. This is definitely the ride you want to be on in amp modeling.
Kemper Tech process is incredible, but now dated
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