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  • Hi, I've downloaded your old gr300 presets. Using fxII Quantum 6.03. But I can't seem to get any sound. Am I stupid or aren't the presets by default usable on this version?
    hi, thanks again for the time and use of the acoustic patch. I have a question maybe u can help with. I wasnt sure where to post it and I hadnt found the answer anywhere when I looked. I have a Brian Moore guitar with the piezo pickup as well. The cord Y's off one for piezsa and the other for normal pickups. I think there is a way u can run them both into the Axe II at the same time and then switch back and forth with the acoustic tone via the switch on the guitar but I am unsure what goes where input wise and also how to configure any settings. I was thinkng maybe u do the same and might be able to get me up and going with it hooked up like this. I appreciate any and all help u can give me.. thanks again for all.
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