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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Public Beta


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I have one request - as a poweramp/cab and direct out 1 user, wouldn't it make sense to keep the speaker drive parameter in the cab block?


I always use presets without a cab block going into CabLab when recording so I'm not able to get the benefits of using Motor Drive. With the speaker drive option being moved to the amp block, does this mean that the amp will interact more with the CabLab IRs or did I completely missread this? Is Speaker Drive the same thing as Motor Drive?


Great update, thanks. Will update ASAP.

One little question: does speaker drive also occur in a situation like when a 4x12 cab which is totally 240 watts is fed by a 100 watt amp?


I don't have anything to compare it to since I never used the speaker drive parameter before. But I added a little bit of speaker drive to my patches after doing the update and I am blown away at how good my patches sound. Nice work once again I am so happy!


I cannot keep up with you guys, only just done 6.01 and played out with it for the first time!!

The support and commitment for this product is unbelievable, i have never experienced anything like it. Keep up the good work and thanks for helping me to kick my tap dancing and nasty GAS habit. (Can you make a guitar? still got GAS issues in that area LOL)


Thanks again Cliff & FAS Team for this release (can't wait to install it and... hum discover new things one more) !!


What I find is that turning up speaker drive fattens the tone up. It's like it removes some of the sizzle. I haven't tried the Dual Rec Modern yet, but I bet it will help that amp sit in a mix a bit better.
Very, very good work! Thank you Cliff.

I'm finding that I like values of between 1.10 and 1.20 so far, and it improves the tone and feel of every amp I've tried. It really makes me appreciate Q6 more than ever!


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Does this mean that motor drive parameter is now redundant?
I've answered this myself: yes!
Just tried it and with the right amount of speaker drive now (about 1.5 for me, depends on amp model btw) the feel and compression amount is nearly perfect.
Great work Cliff!
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