Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2


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Improved Amp block output transformer modeling. New model more accurately simulates dynamic core losses and leakage inductance. The Dyn Pres knob controls the intensity of the effect (as before) but only allows positive values now. Higher values result in more high frequency response and a more “open” sound. Very high values can yield a raspy, spitty tone common in vintage and/or low wattage amps. Modern “big iron” amps tend to have low values. Note that the audibility is dependent upon how hard the virtual power amp is driven and is more noticeable as the MV is increased. Existing presets will be updated to new default values upon recall. Also note that the effect in real amps is highly dependent on the speaker. Some speaker/transformer combinations exhibit significant high frequency dynamic boost while other combinations yield almost none. As always use your ears as the final determinant.

Improved triode plate modeling for cases when plate load is complex.

Improved Ruby Rocket models frequency response accuracy vs. Drive knob. Existing presets should be reset by either deselecting and reselecting the amp model or by turning the Low Cut Freq parameter to 10.0.

Extended the range of the Amp block Hi Cut Freq parameter to 400 Hz to 40 kHz. As this changes the preset storage format, existing presets will be automatically updated to use default values.

Added “Dweezil’s B-man” amp model based on a modified Fender Bassman as used by Dweezil Zappa.

Added “Friedman BE/HBE” models based on an original Friedman “Marsha”. These are the original BE/HBE models from firmware prior to 2.03.

Fixed wrong default Tube Bias value in Recto1 and Recto2 amp models.
Thank you Cliff, any issues I had with the previous beta version have been resolved with this version. I am a happy camper !!! I appreciate your dedication to continuous improvement.

Thanks Again


Fixed wrong default Tube Bias value in Recto1 and Recto2 amp models
I'm tempted to try this out, now.

Just curious, but was my post in the first beta thread about the inaccuracy of the Recto an inspiration to revisit these models? Or is this something different?
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