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  • Hi there, I am assuming from your posts that you own a MC6.
    Love this little thing but I have a question:
    Do you know why an external aux pedal like the Boss FS-6 would not work with this unit?
    When I plug the Boss into the MC, it freezes the unit until I unplug it.
    I posted on their forum but still waiting for response.
    I'm not familiar with the FS-6, maybe the 3cond. tip/ ring/ sleeve interconnect/ plug from the pedal needs to be reconfigured. The wiring is available from Morningstar website. Also the pedal input on the MC6 has to be switched to pedal instead of switch. Hopefully this has helped.
    Bob I am interested in the CLR.
    How do we work out the details.
    First time buying anything on classified.


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