Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta 2

Yes, I knew it; I was looking forward to this very thing - string changing must wait. Thanks so much Cliff for the work you do!

Fixed wrong default Tube Bias value in Recto1 and Recto2 amp models."


"Extended the range of the Amp block Hi Cut Freq parameter to 400 Hz to 40 kHz. As this changes the preset storage format, existing presets will be automatically updated to use default values.

Nice....Wow...Very intriguing and cool...

And the best news: "Poltergeist Pig remains intact and hungry".


I think I hallucinated that last beta release note. True nonetheless, thankfully. I dare say the competition may wish Cliff's regularly visiting "ingenuity ice cream truck" was limited to bizarreness and not so resultful of useful and filling flavors of tone.

(No disrespect to Polter for his worthy contributions).
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Started completely fresh with all of my presets and was looking for a new amp.... I landed on the ca3+ lead. Wow!!!! Thanks cliff. Let me know if you got any pointers on it.
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