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Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)


I'm sure Cliff appreciates it, but there should be some self-acknowledgement for the attitude of the customers and the culture of this community that has empowered Cliff to take risks, try new stuff, and use a rolling release strategy. Some companies and products are locked in an old-world mentality of hunkering down and working out bugs and monolithic big-deal releases in a very slow and expensive way that might increase perception of quality/stability of the release, but only results in a few releases over the life of the product because it is so expensive to go through the cycle. Meanwhile, frustrated customers have to wait forever to get their updates and along the way they have less feedback to influence the outcome.

The culture that Cliff and you/we all have formed is a winning model, and I hope that other companies take note of it. It's closer to the model of open-source software like linux distributions- take Debian for example. People who are conservative and need the rock-solid stable release can hang back and use older stuff, while people who want latest pretty stable features can go newer and still have pretty low risk of problems, and the hobbyist/enthusiasts can track day to day changes and they accept that they may encounter bugs. Everyone gets what they want!

So thanks Cliff, and also thank you all for your positivity and support that creates the environment for Cliff and gang to do what they do.


Forum Addict

(or not. ::) this is an enjoyable ride. The hoof marks just get blurry at this rate... lets see, I was just beginning to understand dynamic presence from 20 firmwares ago.

Sounded real good yesterday, lets see if i can make any comparison at all, lol.


It things like this that make me such a proud Axe FX owner. Cliff's ability to quickly debug and address problems found through the forum is amazing, not to mention every other improvement he's made along the way just to improve his device.

Thanks Cliff!


My Quantum Viagra Photoshop post in 3.1 was so short lived:(! Cliff never thinks of the people who find entertainment in reading the firmware update threads. So occupied with this customer service and product improvement thing. Jeez. ;)
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