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Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.02 Released


Low Cut and High Cut have been extended to the Quad-Tap and Quad Tape types in the Multidelay block. These parameters control highpass and lowpass filters which filter the feedback from all the delay lines in contrast to the individual bandpass filters on each delay line. This allows quick and easy creation of bandlimited delays.

Added Drive parameter to Quad-Tap and Quad Tape types in Multidelay block.

The behavior of the Feedback parameters in the Quad-Tap and Quad Tape types in the Multidelay block has been improved. The feedback is no longer constrained to sum to 100%. Instead the total feedback is calculated and then normalized to 100% if the total exceeds 100%. This allows easier control of the feedback values.

Fixed VU Meter in Cab block not working when two instances of the Cab block are present.

Fixed excessive CPU use if modifier connected to certain parameters in Chorus and Flanger blocks.

Fixed Edited LED not lighting if Amp block Level changed from Utility menu’s VU page.

Fixed wrong Hi Cut (Brilliance) pot value in Hot Kitty amp model.

Fixed wrong Low Cut frequency in Fox ODS II model. The two Fox models have been renamed “Fox ODS” and “Fox ODS Deep” respectively with the latter indicating that the Deep switch is activated. It should be noted that both models are modeled with the Preamp Bypass (PAB) active.

Fixed FAS Brootalz model using wrong feedback network.

Fixed using Air controls in Cab block along with Preamp models causes phase issues.

Fixed USB audio output level fluctuating during preset changes.

Fixed remote IR capture (Cab-Lab) brings up wrong page in Utility menu.

Added “Mr Z Hwy 66” amp model.

Added “Super 6G4” amp model.

Added “Concert 6G12” amp model.


I'm really happy about the chorus/ flanger fix I was having issues with that. Thanks Cliff!


Fractal Fanatic


Fractal Fanatic
Thanks, I just noticed the USB volume drop today. Thought it was Windows 10 Tech Preview issue for a second. :p


Infarkingcredible. Thanks once again, Cliff!

I've become like a lab mouse in a cage, addicted to repeatedly pressing the feed bar… and more often than not, it works! Another ambrosial nugget.
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