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Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released


Tons of amazingly cool stuff, thanks!

Any background info on the Ruckus, like, is it based off of anything or is it an original creation?

It's super dark and gnarly and that sets it apart from everything else in the OD block. I'm really diggin' it!


wait... this had to come out when I have my axe shipped for service??!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!! :( :( :(

jk jk. Thanks! ;)


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Just started nightshift as I saw the announcement.... Going to be a slow night. :lol
Then again... I have a day off tommorow. And now something to do to get through it.
Thanks Cliff!! :encouragement:


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Customer loyalty for life: this and good tech support are how you earn it. Thanks!

I'm dealing right now with a midi pedalboard issue where every firmware update screwed up my programming to such a degree without appreciable benefit that I stopped updating.

The Fractal team consistently delivers significant benefit in each firmware version, far outweighing any difficulties that come with changing firmware. Really well done. Can't wait to try it out!
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