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Atomic CLR problem


Little off topic but imagine if Fractal came out with their own FRFR cab, a 10 and 12" wedge. has this ever been discussed? im sure it has. Would be a "take my money" scenario forsure.
Me - I would definitely buy any Fractal wedges as I know how thorough the Fractal team are and they would have my money on reputation alone.


Hi guys, I just feel compelled to mention that I've had my CLR for about 2 years, gigging frequently and have had zero problems. It sounds great and has performed flawlessly. Just saying that you shouldn't get the impression that all CLRs are prone to failure. (I hope I haven't jinxed myself)


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Has anyone A/B'd a Neo or a standard CLR with Xitones? They seem to be fully legit with the weight within 3 lbs of a Neo and a matrix power amp - seems like a no brainer if the tone is as good in the Xitone wedge.
I have a used CLR on the way that I just purchased from the classified's here. Think it was built around 2013. Hoping for no issues. I currently use two active XiTone wedges in stereo so I will compare the CLR and XiTone when I get a chance.


I was on the waitlist for a CLR NEO, however, due to the poor communication and issues such as this. I decided to go for another highly recommended Powered FRFR Cabinet.


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Same here. Been liking my CLR cab and have though about getting a second cab for stereo action. Looking forward to seeing what Fractal is cooking up next.


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We're working on some stuff.
I'd love to see a Fractal power amp too.
No fan or extremely quiet fan.
At least 200 watts per side into 8 ohms.
Light weight.
Under $1k US.
Best specs possible in that price range.
Comparable to the Bryston 2B LP Pro, but with more power, less weight and less expensive.

Yes, I realize that the Matrix fans will all chime in here saying that power amps like this already exist.
But in my experience, my Axe-FX sounds much more musical, like the illusion of playing through a real tube amp is stronger, when I use my Bryston as opposed to my GT1000.
At the moment, there are very few real high quality 1U power amps to choose from.

I don't expect this to happen.... Just thought I'd mention it anyway. lol


Wow.. It's sure a FRFR solution but what more can Fractal offer that atomic/matrix/friedman/xitone don't have...
Let's wait and see =)
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