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New Member
Anyone knows of a PC Automation Software that can automate the task to move the IRs to the CAB Scratchpads?

I have started experimenting with RoboTask Lite Free Version.
I can open Axe-Edit, but I get an error when I try to move to the CAB block to click the mouse button
When I record the task it identifies it as Caption = "Axe-Edit III", Window Class = "JUCE_17c4faa51ed" but it fails when running
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I know that loading these IRs is a simple task to do manually. This is just for education and entertainment.
Autohotkey could do this quite easily, though it's not a simple thing to jump into if you don't have prior AHK experience.

Dave Merrill

Fractal Fanatic
What'd be super cool is if there was an actual public API to call, instead of these UI automation hacks. In some alternate universe, Axe-Edit would call that same API to do what it does.
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