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Hey Cliff, regarding my earlier post about me thinking FullRes will come to MkI.....don't hit me if you think I'm speaking for ya! I just know that Fractal likes to make its customers happy :)

There's no pleasing everyone, though. No matter which way this goes, a chunk of the user base are gonna whine like crazy about the outcome. I just hope with whatever happens, we can all be adults about it.


Bummer that is an mkII feature but we knew something was going to be exclusive to it. I wouldn't upgrade my mkI just for that but then again I play through a poweramp and cab setup. I was just excited for headphone use.


It has plenty of memory for firmware updates. It has limited NV memory for user data storage because at the time it was designed the FLASH chips used were the largest capacity available.

The Mark II has larger capacity FLASH chips because they're available now.

Frankly the whining over this is very off-putting. We do the best we can with the technology available. To expect a product that was designed five years ago to be as capable as a newer model is ridiculous given the pace of technology advancement. A computer built five years ago would've been considered state of the art if it had a 1TB hard drive. Now those are considered midrange.
No good deed goes unpunished. Keep innovating.

Joe Bfstplk


Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


-Version 17 add a new Block “pickups selector”
100 models, officially licenced by 5 world famous brands (emg, di marzio, Seymour Duncan, bare knuckle, fishman) . Change your guitar pickup in one click !

Doesn't have Dawgtown 5/2 pickups? I'll stay on 16.05, then, I guess....


Anyone have a good collection of Lexicon, Bricasti, Yamaha reverb impulse responses and currently using those in your DAW or other processor in conjunction with Axe3?


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The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.
Would it be possible to make this an option for the user, so they can give up 1024 User IR slots for 32 Full Res user slots only if they choose to, or keep them if they choose to?

Having 2048 user IR slots was one of the selling points that made me buy the Axe FXIII is the first place. I then filled up almost all of the user slots with Cab Packs I bought from Fractal and others.

I'm fine with having FullRes IRs only on the Axe FXIII mkII. A good reason to buy a mkII.

How many FullRes IRs will the Axe FXIII mkII be able to hold?

ben ifin

TBH, it's really hard for me to judge how important this would be for me without hearing direct comparisons, or ideally, playing through both.

I personally don't use IEMs, and I'm not in headphones, and if I'm recording, I'm not dependent on the Axe for spacial placement.

Is this still important to me? Is it worth trading half my user cab storage for 32 new-gen IRs I've never heard, and that aren't available yet from anyone?

DO NOT think I'm ragging on Cliff or Fractal! I have enormous respect and gratitude for what they've created here. I'm simply asking the logical questions as they apply to me.

In your stated case ..... no

Fractal have made it very clear that these are not "made" / "designed" for live use - unless you will want or prefer the sound of a baked-in room in your IR playing into a real room with its own different real room reflections ie: IR with room reflections played into a real room with with its own totally different real room reflections (!) As I've said before, would you ever [live] mic up a FRFR Cab that was already playing back an IR with the mic baked in [ as they all are ] (?)

For I.E on stage Monitoring I can see a use whilst feeding your normal IR sound to FOH.

For home recording and bedroom-level and headphone playing I can also see a use.

And as a very general principle "more options" always give you "more options" :)

All the best,


Would it be possible to make the user chose which bank to lose for the FullRes IRs? I am not using the factory banks at all.
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