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that's what it really comes down to in reality, isn't it. there even seem to be some well known users who just use 1 IR for every amp, no matter what cab the real counterpart would have ;) .
using up 1024 slots just for storage could in my opinion be easily done on a computer (I know, because I've got thousands and thousands stored on there myself ;) ).
Yes but I can imagine some using the III as a kind of work station and have a max of selected IR on it all the time; that's why I asked this. Personnally - if I could now - I'd buy a second hand mark I with my eyes closed. I don't feel I need this feature that much in fact and see it more as " nice to have". But I'm effectively totally happy with my headphone sound "as is". Anyway just my 2 cts, and from whatc read above by FAS I deduct it will probably not be possible to be implemented in FM3 and so it is (no sweat !).


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I don’t see why personal housekeeping routines / preferences should be a factor for the decision to be made.
Well, I don't see why it shouldn't be a factor since it's just a more convenient way of sorting IRs which wouldn't impact anyone's use, I think..

Dave Merrill

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I know I'm in the minority, at least among the posters here, but I'd like this to controllable. I have a Bunch of user IRs loaded, not full to capacity, but lots, and I like that I can do that. I frequently end up using factory cabs anyway, but I like being able to check out the variety of cab offerings out there.

Maybe IR size doesn't even need to be configurable, it just works. Load either kind in, the Axe knows what what it is and can use it. Obviously it shouldn't let you load something where it doesn't fit.

After I hear and play through more if these, and more UltraRes packs are available, I might feel differently. But for now, I'm not unhappy with the ambience in the factory and commercial and free packs I have, in combination with the available reverbs and delays.

I'd hate to think that suddenly all existing IR packs are obsolete or inferior, to the point of being unusable. To put it differently, they clearly ARE useable, valuable even.

Also, as others have said, this is a prime illustration of why the ability to reorganize/reorder user IRs without breaking your presets would be so valuable. It's been talked about before, but I'm unaware of any progress in that direction.
Unfortunately, Cliff says this isn't possible.

Would it be possible to make that switchable in the system settings?
So technical reality trumps the wishes of us armchair product designer/wankers.
Oh well.


Some answers:

1. This will currently only be available on the Axe-Fx III Mark II. Our other products do not have the NV memory to store the large IRs. I will look into ways of possibly supporting this on the other products. The Mark II has double the NV memory of the Mark I. All the NV memory on the Mark I is allocated. If the demand is great enough one possibility is to reduce the number of slots in the User IR banks and allocate the freed memory to FullRes slots.

2. The CPU usage is not too bad. A FullRes IR uses about 10% more CPU than a regular IR. I haven't done that much work on optimization so it may be possible to reduce this.

3. The primary use is for "room mics" and short-to-medium convolution reverbs. The two clips I posted were done using room mic IRs from Celestion. Those IRs were 500 ms.

4. I'm hoping IR vendors will embrace the technology and start offering room mic IRs with at least one second of response time. This assumes they use a suitable live room to do their captures.

5. We are going to our local studio in the coming months and will shoot a bunch of room IRs there. They have a very nice live room with good acoustics.

6. A new version of Cab-Lab is in the works that supports the creation of FullRes IRs.
Yes please, I own two Mark 1 units now. Just picked up the second last year right before Mark II was announced. I can’t imagine having to replace already to accommodate your new wizardry. Thanks for all your efforts.

My name is mud

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Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Notes​


-Version 17 add a new Block “pickups selector”
100 models, officially licenced by 5 world famous brands (emg, di marzio, Seymour Duncan, bare knuckle, fishman) . Change your guitar pickup in one click !

- dual profiling ! Profile 2 heads at the same time, stereo profiles. Profile all The pedals, chorus flanger … even your cat !

-fas circuit board simulator ! Built your own amps with diodes and things you never understood your whole life !

-vocal block ! Now the axe can talk ! The hidden speaker in the box now told you when you play like a €&@“ !

etc etc



I'd gladly sacrifice 1024 user slots for 32 FullRes ones, but in doing so I think this is an excellent idea that should be considered:

Considering Cliff already stated there's only one way to do this, which is to replace one whole user bank, it's probably moot at this point... but I don't think the two half-bank approach is a good idea as we'd then have to deal with user cab banks of varying sizes. What happens when loading a 1024-slot bank into a 512-slot one, for example?

For people who organized between the two banks, they can do the same thing organizing by cab slots... not really gaining much there imho.


That would be a nightmare. It would break the factory presets and many of the user's presets.

The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.

Very satisfied Mk1 owner here. I would gladly give up user 2 bank for more functionality and enhancements.

IMHO 2000 cab slots is overkill anyway.

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