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That would be a nightmare. It would break the factory presets and many of the user's presets.

The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.

Very satisfied Mk1 owner here. I would gladly give up user 2 bank for more functionality and enhancements.

IMHO 2000 cab slots is overkill anyway.



The only possibility would be to change the User 2 bank to a User FR bank. So you would give up 1024 User IR slots in exchange for 32 FullRes user slots.
I personally would welcome this as a solution. No whining, just the opinion of someone who doesn't use a lot third party IRs and and would love to have the FullRes functionality.


We are ok they have twice presets slot so . But same Ir user slot than us so ?
Yeah, I believe so. As a MkII user, I’ve only used about 100 User slots, so I’m in the same boat as a lot of other folks I’ve been seeing on this thread. This may change though since I have 10s of thousands of IRs stored on my computer collecting dust


For all of you studio buffs out there: How many ambient mics do you use? Maybe a room and one in the back?
Not even that. If I'm recording more than one instrument (which is often the case) the bleed makes everything sound ambient enough. The rest of the time I'm generally more worried about removing ambience than adding it. Most rooms I record in are too small for the ambience to be terribly pleasant sounding, especially at the bottom end. My holy grail would be a room big enough that primary room modes are all sub-audio in frequency. That would be a much bigger live room than I can afford just now.

You'd think it would just be bass that's the problem, but unfortunately guitar amps do seem to excite sub-harmonics in the room when cranked up.

There are good reasons for keeping the recording in the virtual world. The real one is generally quite badly compromised. I do quite love the idea of these long IRs to simulate playing in a nicer sounding space than I am really in. But it's only going to work properly on headphones, or in a relatively dead sounding room at any reasonable SPL.



I've been using Slate VSX by sending my presets to out 2 only and monitoring through the plugin in my daw, pumped to capture these and have the VSX rooms in my AxeFX with no latency!!


Fractal Fanatic
But when you spent +2k last year you can understand that some people are grinding teeth believing they don’t need another purchase for a long time .
They don't. And anyone who buys this type of gear and does not understand that the tech they now possess will someday be surpassed (and they don't know when), is either very naive, ignorant, or just dumb. And new tech doesn't make yours any less-than; It still does what it did, which is more that what it did when you bought it. So just be thankful for that! I certainly am.
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