1. Cainer

    FM9 clip from last night (first gig with Cygnus X-3!)

    No issues with the new firmware :) Drummer has a really deep pocket so it's a lot of fun to sit on a groove! Yes, we are playing in a shipping container. This is when you know you're in the big leagues. :rolleyes:
  2. Cainer

    FM9 Rotary effect live

    Been really digging the rotary/leslie effect -chewy goodness! :p
  3. Cainer

    FM9 into Fender FR-12 video clip and initial impression

    Overall very impressed with this thing! Just had a short time where I was able to crank it up and give it a good go. This was the Super Verb model, with some drive on in a couple clips. Compared to the EV wedge I've been using it sounds quite a bit more "realistic" for lack of a better term...
  4. Stel Andre

    AFIII Blues & Feels!

    Hey all! Was practising my dynamics and also a bit of my guitar tone with my sweet Axe-Fx 3 and my Kiesel Delos strat. Hope you guys dig it!
  5. PRSfreak4

    FS 2020 PRS John Mayer JM Silver Sky Maple Golden Mesa - $1750 Shipped

    Hate to sell but need to fund other things. 2020 PRS John Mayer Signature Silver Sky. Purchased in 2021 "used" (factory return not played) and was my everyday guitar for a bit, love it but shifted to a different style now. Check Reverb store for reviews and message me for additional contact...
  6. Burgs

    ElectricREVVLunch - preset/vid etc...

    I wanted to see if the mighty REVV Generator could accomodate old-school kinds of persuasions and I found that the Purple 2 was pretty happy playing the part of a Plexi. So here's a FW 22.00 patch ready to go for your vibing pleasure. It's largely lifted from my ElectricLadyLunch patch from a...
  7. Stel Andre

    AFIII Melodic Blues Solo in Em

    Hey all! Recorded a melodic blues solo in Em last night and thought I should share it with ya. Few words about this one. Went slow and easy on it. Reason is that I am practicing a bit of my control lately. Mainly my pick dynamics, my guitar tone dynamic range and how to learn to use my volume...
  8. Stel Andre

    AFIII Blues Rock Jam by Stel Andre

    Hey all! Took my Kiesel Tele, plugged in my Axe-Fx 3 and did this. Hope y'all like it!
  9. Burgs

    AFIII Supremo Trem.

    Sometimes I don't appreciate the special qualities of any given amp until I've finished recording, mixing and am listening back. Then I finally get it! I'm a slow learner. Such has been my experience with the mighty Supro 1964T model (Supremo Trem) as demonstrated here. I started with the...
  10. O

    FM3 FM3 is AMAZING for blues-rock vintage tones

    Hi all! I had FM3 for a while last summer and I created some presets back then and also recorded some noodling around clips of them. I sold the FM3 because I didn't see myself gigging with it and am now waiting for an FM9. All I can say is that is sounded and felt amazing to play and I loved...
  11. Dwelltone

    AFIII "Wednesday"

    Hi guys! Came up with this tune this week (Wednesday). I used the Dr. Z 38 amp for all guitar parts on this track. (Reposting link for better levels.)
  12. Andrea Maccianti

    Joe Bonamassa Inspiration Preset

    Hello friends! 😊 On YouTube, for the uninitiated, you can activate english subtitles. Hi! 😊🎸
  13. Voron

    Blues Backing Tracks

    Hi friends! I'm teaching a lot and doing backing tracks for my students for some time. So decided to share with you. Hope you will like them.
  14. Rob13

    Skype/Zoom Lessons

    30+ years playing, 15 years teaching, 2 Masters degrees in music (Jazz Pedagogy & Musicology). I play rock/blues/rockabilly but have training in classical & jazz styles, as well. AX8/Axe-FX III programming also available, although many of our esteemed forum-mates are much better suited to that...
  15. Igor Paspalj


    Hi everybody, I came up with this little theme while jamming over some Elevated Jam BT's. I really tried to keep this one "civilized", and not to overplay it...kind of :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and YJM Stratocaster into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  16. Stel Andre

    Rock Blues Jam - Stel Andre

    Hey all, here's a cool rock blues jam I did few minutes ago, using my new Kiesel Delos strat, plugged straight into my Axe-Fx 2. I am using one of my custom made patches for this one. I hope you guys like it!
  17. Cainer

    “Shoe on the Other Foot” live

    here's another one form the first night of our current tour, in Otsego MI. Jammy version of Albert Collins' Shoe on the Other Foot. Lots of fun stretching out on this one!
  18. Cainer

    full tune - live video from Porquis Rock 'n' Blues Festival

    Doin' my best to pay homage to Chris Duarte on this one ;) AX8 direct to FOH - that big tin roof created some interesting echo/reverb lol
  19. Rob Suelfllohn

    GREAT classic PAF tone !

    I'm really loving the GREAT classic PAF tone I am getting from this preset put together for me by Simeon- Axe Master
  20. Rob Suelfllohn

    Help dialing in Classic PAF / Les Paul tone

    Hi everyone, I have a great Les Paul with great PAF clones. I need help dialing in that classic PAF nasally/honky tone. I have tried the Jumped Plexi and Friedman's in Fractal. But tone is needing something more as Fractal has so many other options that Marshalls did not have. Below is an...
  21. Stel Andre

    Laid Back Synth Jam with Axe-Fx 3 | Stel Andre

    Hey all! A good friend of mine lend me his Axe-Fx 3 for a spin and the only thing I can say, is that this unit is beyond amazing! Powerful, solid and responsive with top notch quality of sounds. I jammed using these 2 cool Synth sounds and at the end my favourite Vox Ac 15 with some tweaking...
  22. A

    Got Harmonica?

    Hi, I'm looking for a Harmonica preset. Earlier today I found an amazing Hammond B3 organ preset that totally rocks - so I thought I would engage the amazing community of rockers here. I did a search on the Axe Exchange for one for a preset for Axe Fx iii, but the well was dry. (See Below)...
  23. Igor Paspalj

    Hendrix/Vaughan style Jam

    Hi everybody! Here's one little tune I came up with today, inspired by some Hendrix/Vaughan moves, and some of my own stuff as well. Axe Fx 2, real Cry Baby wah, and YJM signature Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X pro. Amp model is Super Verb via with slight Ruckus drive boost in...
  24. harmaes

    Blues (Oz Noy / Matt Schofield) inspired preset

    Here's a preset for usage in a blues context (Oz Noy / Matt Schofield) I've created based on the work of iarsee . Here's the thread: This...
  25. Andrea Maccianti

    PARK 75 Preset

    E dopo quasi 5 settimane di fermo (causa tendinite) si riprende piano piano, anche se il dito indice della mano sinistra non è al 100% Ma lo scopo di questi video è quello di presentare il preset. Quindi niente acrobazie :) PARK 75 4 Scenes.
  26. Cainer

    AX8 kickin it at Tremblant Blues Festival

    man it's really doing the job for me. I've had lots of folks come up and ask about the tone etc. They can't believe its not an ''amp''. Loving it :)
  27. Cainer

    Live video - Blues

    Just found this (better quality) video someone posted of our show opening for Thorogood at Massey Hall - good lord that was a fun gig! Came dangerously close to tripping over my EV 112p behind me at a couple points lol
  28. Thedude621

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated!

    New to the Fractal world!!! Send me your favorite presets please! Any tones are appreciated! My Fractal Breathren, please bestow upon me your presets. Everything is welcome high gain, bluesy, cool cleans, crazy sinth stuff, bass presets, etc... Thank you!
  29. Cainer

    Texas blues a la SRV / Duarte (live video)

    Man we had a good time with this one - Superverb model, with fuzz in the first freakout section, fuz and tubescreamer in the second.
  30. Cainer

    A quick SRV blast

    Going to try to work this tune into my live set soon. Maybe dial the tempo back a touch lol The Dr Z amp is my go to for Stevie-ish tones these days. Just need to find a good way to up the gain without losing the gritty edge. Been experimenting with the amp boost, input gain, and various...
  31. Andrea Maccianti

    Eric Clapton "Layla" Fender 57' Tweed Champ" Patch

    I want to pay tribute to 2 Legends. I started to play also thanks to them. Eric Clapton & Duane Allman (Derek And The Dominos) 1970. Has 4 Scenes + one of my own Custom Cabs. (FW 8.02)
  32. Andrea Maccianti

    "A.M. Marshall Bluesbreaker"

    Has 8 Scenes. Hope you enjoy! :)
  33. Cainer

    Dr Z cleans a la Eric Gales

    Woodshedding some Gales motifs - just love the Dr. Z model for cleans these days - it out-Fenders the Fenders.
  34. Andrea Maccianti

    Marshall Bluesbreaker

    Here I used my "A.M. Bluesbreaker" Patch. (FW 8.02) Later I will show the patch in detail. Has 8 Scenes + two of my own Custom Cabs. THE PATCH IT'S AVAILABLE. Is also available for Ax8 already converted and ready to use. Please contact me at: or on my Facebook page...
  35. Cainer

    Strat > Superverb blues (live video)

    Probably my favourite song to play live these days - this was from our CD Release Party. Really digging the Strat tone I'm getting from the AX8! Kicked in the fuzz face when things get hairy about 4 min in.
  36. Cainer

    Live video from gig this weekend - blues

    Second of three gigs this weekend - we had a ton of fun - running the AX 8 direct to PA in this one.
  37. Andrea Maccianti


    Has 4 Scenes and it's available for Axe-Fx2/XL/XL+ and AX8. Custom IR included. The sound is not that of the album Victims of the Future (1983) but is inspired by Live at Montreux (2010) Classical Gary sound Gibson and Marshall :)
  38. Burgs

    FW.Q8 5F1 Tweed EC - 4-Scene Preset & Vid demo

    I was so impressed with it I just had to belt out a blues jam and write a preset. So, here it is... The preset:
  39. Andrea Maccianti


    I also created this patch based on Splawn Nitro head 100 watts. Has 6 Scenes. The Patch is exactly as you hear it. No Comp, No EQs in post-production. All in direct. Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. THE PATCH IT'S AFFORDABLE. Please contact me at: or on my Facebook...
  40. Andrea Maccianti


    A classical improvisation over this ZZ Top Style Backing Track. Great fun! Here I used my A.M. Marshall JTM 45. This patch has 4 Scenes.Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. ENJOY IT! :)
  41. Cainer

    Happy Straturday!

    Let's see the strats people!
  42. H

    Unbeatable Blues Tone

    FW 7.02 beta.. I often can't believe this is not a 'real' amp. All guitars and bass are Axe FX XL.
  43. Igor Paspalj

    Jeff Beck Vibes :)

    Here's one bluesy improvisation I came up today inspired with a bit of a Jeff Beck influence. I am NOT trying to play as Jeff, which is pretty much impossible of course, neither suggesting this is his style :) Just a few Jeff moves, rest is pretty much my own stuff. Anyway, recorded with my Axe...
  44. Igor Paspalj

    Scuttle Buttin - SRV cover

    Hi guys! Here's my take on this SRV classic. Recorded with my Axe Fx II as usual. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  45. ByTheHandOf

    Dynamic Blues / rock Tips and tricks.

    I don't know if I am the only one, but to me it seems like most of the axefx videoes (reviews and comparison) and presets out there are for more High Gain/metal sounds. Don't get me wrong, I love axefx for heavy sounds, but it really does so well for low gain crunchy/bluesy sounds for strat or...
  46. Symbolic

    Guitar Licks Every Day!

    Hello, guys! Every day you can find a new catchy lick on my channel! Not very complex, not very trivial. No useless talk, just small pieces of useful stuff. If you like it - subscribe, share and press "like" button
  47. Cainer

    Les Paul blues noodle

    A little sloppity-doo on the playing, but I love the snappy tone, especially without a pick.
  48. musicman0001

    Having fun playing Texas Blues jamming kinda Stevie Ray Vaughan

    It's not precise and not the correct tone especially due to a very heavy noisegate because of lots and lot of noise and hums here at my attic from the powergrid and PC and pickups ;) i left all the small mistakes, noisegate drops and sloppy beginning ;) im not really a texas blues guy as iplay...
  49. Igor Paspalj

    "Hangover" Blues

    Well, the title explains everything :) Recorded with Axe Fx II, as always. Using Tucana lead amp this time, only one preset. It has such a great dynamic response, from gently blues to screaming lead :) Hope You guys gonna like it. Cheers :)
  50. Arkks

    PRS split coil tones - Blues/Math/Ambient

    A quick video of a track i wrote using some experimental tones in split coil position. Cheers. Andy
  51. RJSAudio.

    Some jazz blues with a hollowbody and Quantum 2.0

    Couple of choruses of a Bory's B-120 through a Shiva! Tasty. Loving the new sound and feel of the firmware. Also very happy to see that the CPU usage is more efficient all around these days. Plenty of processing headroom!
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