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Recent content by mwd

  1. mwd

    Did you buy the extended warranty for your Axe III?

    Here is an example of the Citi Card extended warranty. Obviously not everything is covered (cars, boats, tires, etc.) however it is pretty comprehensive and you don't have to do anything. Also, not only does it extend the warranty but it gives protection if a vendor won't accept a return and...
  2. mwd

    Did you buy the extended warranty for your Axe III?

    Been dealing with Fractal since the Ultra and never had anything other than a foot come off my expression pedal. That said I use a Citi card to pay for my gear that adds 2 years to factory warranty.
  3. mwd

    Studio Monitor Recommendations

    Years ago I got Adams A7X monitors and Sennheiser HD650 headphones and, outside of occasionally pondering a subwoofer, I have not needed or wanted anything monitor wise since.
  4. mwd

    Axe-Edit issues with Logic Pro for AF3?

    I've never experienced issues with Axe Edit open in Logic, or live for that matter, on my XL or III.
  5. mwd

    Output LVL when recording (Headroom)

    Regarding the Axe... tickle the red... or slightly less. Regarding the DAW I would target -9 to -12 dBFS with peaks at -6 to -3. There you want no red. 0VU = 0dBu = -18dBFS R68 EBU (European Broadcast Standard) and 0VU = +4dBu = -20dBFS RP155 SMPTE (American Motion Picture Standard) Most...
  6. mwd

    Any across the board settings changes for Adam AX7 monitor users?

    It's hard to sound bad with an Axe and A7X monitors.
  7. mwd

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Definitely going to check before I jack with this awesome preset. Don't mind tweaking but this was peculiar. I boosted scene 1 a good 12db to match other scenes with his guitar. I also intend on boosting scene 1 with my guitar as well but 3db would be max and possibly not that much. I'll chime...
  8. mwd

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    My buddy and I both have III's. Last night at rehearsal we got his firmware, etc., updated and I was telling him about the new amp and Burg preset. On a particular jam I use my ESP that has Seymour Duncan LP style pickups and he was using his Ed O' Brien strat. On scene 1 the volume plummeted...
  9. mwd

    Shoutout to Michael Pickens and team

    +1 and thank you for preset leveling!
  10. mwd

    Axe-Edit III 1.07.01

    Just saw preset leveling was introduced a couple of editions back. Many thanks for this!
  11. mwd

    What is your favorite factory preset?

    My default preset is a carry over from the Ultra called Subway Verb with the Reverb cut back. But consistently through out the different models for a stock preset I love Dual Clean.
  12. mwd

    Anyone "upgrade" to an external delay pedal?

    I turned off the verbs in my Ultra presets and ran it thru a Strymon Big Sky and it was pure heaven. It allowed me to have several goto Strymon presets as well as my favorite Ultra presets. Very versatile as any given Ultra preset, as a core sound, could give multiple variations on the fly with...
  13. mwd

    (Fake) Drum Suggestions?

    You will be surprised how far EZ Drummer will take you. I have BFD, some other name brand I can't even remember right now, Superior Drummer 2, Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer. We consistently wind up using EZ Drummer in the final mix. For the sound. What is also cool in SD3 you can load and...
  14. mwd

    BB King tone

    I gotta' tell you the closest I've ever come to a BB King tone was 'with' my 77' LP. Years ago on my Ultra there was a preset called Subway Verb which as a factory preset exampled a ton of verb. I backed it off a bit and it became my go to for everything clean. I have converted and updated to...
  15. mwd

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I spent all morning messing with this crap. Couldn't print checks this morning so re-installed Crystal Reports the Outlook started crashing every time it opened so I thought my Crystal report install messed it up so I uninstalled it and re installed. Then did the repair steps on Outlook which...
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