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Recent content by mwd

  1. mwd

    Natural feedback at any volume?

    Best emulation I've ever heard is an Ed O'Brien strat thru an Axe III.
  2. mwd

    Default Scene & Relevant Scene

    How are you changing presets?
  3. mwd

    Axe-Fx III is making my other stuff buzz!

    Regardless of how you cable up I would put a washer in the front and back of each rack tang and make sure all power comes from a single source (single path to ground).
  4. mwd

    Headphone Presets

    The spacial proximity, and stereo spectrum, between monitors (facing you) and headphones (directly into ears) is night and day. I don't have a solution to offer other than realize you are in two different worlds so 'converting' a preset might not be as effective as 'creating' one for your...
  5. mwd

    Transition of one preset to another without the buzz kill.

    Thanks for the ideas. We've had spillover turned on all along so I'm guessing we're not meeting some of the criteria (matching blocks, matching settings, etc.) for spillover to work between presets. Also looks like several blocks won't work between presets regarding spillover. Bandmate used to...
  6. mwd

    Transition of one preset to another without the buzz kill.

    Sometimes we will lead off a song with some noodling using the lush sounds of one of the ambient presets. We use Showbuddy software for lights and preset changes. As we transition between the ambient intro into the song body there is a noticeable gap when the preset changes. Not a time gap but...
  7. mwd

    How to use Axefx with two line 6 rackmount wireless receivers ? Help please

    I switch between multiple guitars and one transmitter just stepping on the tuner button (FC-12), which mutes the snap, crackles and pops. Takes 5 seconds.
  8. mwd

    Recording AES/SPDIF vs. Analog

    S/PDIF to Apollo quad because it's 1 cable, signal is perfect and I can use UAD console to monitor = heaven.
  9. mwd

    How do you guys handle balancing Daw/Computer/AxeFX levels?

    I quit trying to juggle levels and starting running my Axe, via S/PDIF, into an Apollo Quad and using Console for monitoring. Absolute heaven. I have my computer coming in on Virtual 3/4 for YouTube and jam track playback, Logic coming in on Virtual 1/2 and blend the Axe level as needed all...
  10. mwd

    Bluetooth headphone use.

    Absolutely painful. Strumming a chord and hearing it a split second later will twist your brain. I considered getting an inexpensive IEM setup and plugging in my headphones to get somewhat of a wireless setup for practice.
  11. mwd

    Compensating for lower output pickups when switching guitars

    Although it's not on your FC the TC Electronic Spark is an excellent option. I use per song presets and also don't want to create dozens of alternate presets for my backup guitar. This was my choice until I figured out how to do it via mixer and midi pad.
  12. mwd

    Compensating for lower output pickups when switching guitars

    I created a Snippet on my X32 mixer to bump my input signal via MIDI trigger. No changes to the Axe. Works well until I create a few guitar specific presets.
  13. mwd

    Getting that Tool guitar sound. How to start?

    Thank you folks for the input. Much appreciated.
  14. mwd

    Getting that Tool guitar sound. How to start?

    One of the recorded guitar sounds I like best is the band Tool. Realizing it's talent, recording circumstances, doubled guitars and more.... where would I start to try and pull off that sound regarding Axe III as presets go? My bandmate, who also has an Axe, and I are working on some songs that...
  15. mwd

    Bass guys with UAD... Which do you use?

    Yeah please don't misunderstand me. Fractal is a beautiful thing. Whether I use Fractal or UAD for tone source on guitars or bass I'm going to use UAD for monitoring. Console is just that good for balancing your monitor mix. When I stumbled onto the UAD bass chain I finally hit pay dirt for my...
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