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Recent content by Metlupass2

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    NGD - Anderson Drop Top

    Glad it went to a good home. Enjoy it! Also remember that H3+ was swapped out for an HN3+ in the bridge. I saw the specs on your site.
  2. M

    Best Expression Pedal

    EP1 with the spring if you're using for expression or wah. I don't think you'd want the spring if you're using it as a volume pedal.
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    DIY Screen Protector for Axe FX II Display

    It's like buying a Ferrari and putting a bra on the hood.
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    DIY Screen Protector for Axe FX II Display

    I'll never understand why you guys leave those on. When you you ever touch the screen?! It's not an ipad!
  5. M

    Anyone got/done a "bagpipes" patch?

    Check out Fremen's.
  6. M

    Attack of the drones

    Sounds AWESOME
  7. M

    Fremen's V 11.05 presets

    Thank you so much! Isn't there a way to load your entire bank and then scroll through them instead of loading each preset separately? I seem to remember doing that with your V9 or 10, I can't remember.
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    5 band eq in the amp block

    Can't you just make scene 2 with EQ flat?
  9. M

    I've owned my Ultra since June 2007!

    Wow....how much did they cost brand new back then?
  10. M

    switching between headphones and monitors?

    You have the option in reaper to listen to your recordings through your monitors or your computer speakers. You could just plug the headphones into your computer speakers then.
  11. M

    Why use a power conditioner

    I do the same thing with my PL-8C. I've got my monitors, axe fx, sub woofer, computer, and computer monitor all hooked up. I don't see anything wrong with that. Its just a fancy rack mounted surge protector.
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    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    125 AtmoSynth Sim is FREAKING AWESOME!
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    Can anyone post a video of Axe 2 Vs. YJM100?

    Someone please post a link to the judge Judy clip!
  14. M

    FAS Modern

    Care to post your preset? I haven't been able to get anything great out off the FAS Modern amp.
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    Budget monitors! KRK, Mackie, Yamaha or Yorkville?

    I've got the HS50Ms and am very happy with them. The 5" fit better on my desk and are most definately loud enough. I think I paid just under $300 brand new for the pair.
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