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Recent content by kerrlehr

  1. kerrlehr


    Wow, just wow brother Eddie. Thank you for your playing and Inspiration. An entire new level of guitarist for your time. God be with you and thank you Sir !!!
  2. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    Not disagreeing, but stating how it works for me personally I just don't care. It's musical. I would almost prefer to turn the knob and just hear it and not even see any form of measurement. When it's where it should be, my ears will say "sounds good man". I guess what I'm saying is this: I...
  3. kerrlehr

    Rush Tribute Gig with Axe 3

    This show would be an awesome Live Feed Stream if the 3 of you can be 6' apart. I think we all would love to see it!! Donations accepted.... (BTW a fan of Swabbies on the River when passing through SAC)
  4. kerrlehr

    Will MIDI 2.0 - Require Axe-Fx III redesign soon?

    Curious if the MIDI 2.0 protocol will require a new version of the box, or can a software update, or bolt-in module do the trick if we want to utilize the great new technology coming in the near future?? https://reverb.com/news/what-will-midi-2-dot-0-mean-for-musicians
  5. kerrlehr

    Who all is running out of CPU?

    Come on guys. Who here is having a problem with wrapping out your Mc Laren at anything past 227 MPH because it's rpm's and HP just can't handle your driving....
  6. kerrlehr

    What amp did the Axe-Fx III make you discover and fall in love with?

    The beauty here is what the AX FX has always been all about. Something for everyone. I love these responses because they are truly all over the board!
  7. kerrlehr


    Bump - Same Question
  8. kerrlehr

    Any FC release time info ?

    IMHO - A little faith here will go a long way here. Cliff / Matt and company haven't steered us wrong yet. I still remember when I first saw those iPhones.... (1) button, Volume up and down and a power switch. Thinking, "how lame this phone looks". The rest was history. Ohh, and BTW, they shed...
  9. kerrlehr

    FC18 and FC21

    Bigger vs. Smarter?? I will go with smarter - So many options here - Awesome
  10. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    This amp loves the 808 for sure. But it sound stellar dimed too! Great and appropriate playing. Nice descriptive demo - THX!! My very first amp (I'm old damn it) - Back at last - Lovin it!
  11. kerrlehr

    Pick the real amp...

    Who cares _ sounds great _ I enjoy the tones I hear on 1_3_5 very much Thank you for the audio brain exercise It really dosedn't matter as long as you lay down some nice tracks. What is cool is the fact that aside from you, nobody can seriously tell any notable diffefence. Cliff has realized...
  12. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.03 Firmware Release

    Didn't James run via Triaxis???
  13. kerrlehr

    Rack Mounting Protection

    just wrap it with stretch wrap like they have a home depot - really - who cares - be careful when you put it in
  14. kerrlehr

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    dos numero tres es la mierda :D
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