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Recent content by JC_MuscleShoals

  1. J

    I constantly feel like I'm guessing with my Axe FX II

    To the OP, if you look at many of my posts from 2012, they are similar. I struggled heavily in 2 areas:figuring out how to use the machine and getting a clean natural tube sound. I went back and forth, at one time even saying I would never the sell the Fratal but devote the time to figuring it...
  2. J

    Help with updating MFC101 to new firmware on PC

    When I had the midiox program open, double clicked the new MFC firmware icon, and right clicked in the top window and selected send systex, it wouldnt work, but when I went o "file" in midiox and located the MFC firmware it did. Sorry, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't...
  3. J

    Help with updating MFC101 to new firmware on PC

    Never mind. I just figured it out. Please delete post. Thanks!
  4. J

    Help with updating MFC101 to new firmware on PC

    I am tring to update the MFC-101 to the newest firmware. I am on PC W7. I have updated the Axe FX to the newest firmware with no problem. I am using MidiOX. I have followed the steps on the forum, using Cobblers info, the Fractal sticky, and Katsu Kuri's video. No luck. I'm sure its something...
  5. J

    How touse amp x/y

    Okay, I have my MFC setup the way I want. The top 2 rows are fx, the bottom is 4 amps sounds and the 5th button on the bottom row is "amp x/y". I want each of the 4 amp buttons to have an x and a y. When I tried on the first button, my clean sound, I placed a Vox and it works fine. When I select...
  6. J

    Adding blocks

  7. J

    Adding blocks

    There are not enough blocks to fill up the "pedalboard" I'd like to build on the MFC. How do I add additional blocks?
  8. J

    Setting effect to exact BPM

    I know you're probably kidding, but you're right. I do want it to start on a certain point. It's actually preset 134, "detuned wah". I'll mess around with it and see if I can get it to do what I want. Check me out though. A month and a half ago I was ready to sell it because it was...
  9. J

    Setting effect to exact BPM

    There's a patch, I think 164, that's a rhythmic auto-wah. Is there a way I can set the rhythm oscillation to an exact BPM?
  10. J

    Is the Big Hair amp based on the ADA MP1???

    I had one of those! I had two powered KMD cabinets and the ADA foot controller. I had completely forgotten I had that. I loved it too. I thought I was the stuff, because no one else in Muscle Shoals had one. That's back when we had lots of clubs in the area to play at. Ah, those were the days...
  11. J

    Changing expression pedal control on the fly

    Thanks for these tips. I guess I could deal with just having one of these effects on at a time. I like having the wah always there so I can just step on it, but I guess I need to put wah on a IA, then choose between wah, rotary speed, whammy, and delay depth. Since I might want a delay with...
  12. J

    Changing expression pedal control on the fly

    Before I add it to the wish list, is there some way to change what an expression pedal controls on the fly, besides changing presets? I was thinking, if there was an option to have the IA that was turned on most recently determine what the expression pedal controls would be nice. Press delay...
  13. J

    Gone Baby...Gone!

    I should've sent you the Wampler Plexidrive and Catlinbread Dirty Little Secret before I sold them.
  14. J

    It's Not a Tubes Only World Here ~ What Tube Amp Did You Keep??

    I had to sell my DrZ Maz Jr 18 NR and a modded Blues Jr to be able to afford the Axe. I have since purchased a Princeton Reverb with JJ's that I doubt I'll ever sell.
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