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Recent content by insalacom

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    Thank you Chris@AxeFxTutorials

    Thank you Chris! Nice gesture Fractal Thank you!
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    don't know ... my understanding is they were all unique!
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    Vibrolux G3 with the new IR is just....RIDICULOUS!!!

    This thread is IR-ritating!
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    Fw18... news?

    I'm 62 ... you don't really get better .... you just become more easily amused! ...
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    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    MAYBE ... there will be a rack mount version .... OH WAIT!!!
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    Performing a Complete Factory Reset

    I agree with JRod4928 ... if your going to spend the time to dial things in, you might as well start from a CLEAN SLATE! I have always relied on the posted presets because I'm a dolt. Looks like they aren't going to be coming as often. So I guess I'll have to dial things in as well.
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    Holdsworth with the XL

    Me too, doubt he will share patched though ...
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    FW.17 no low end ?

    I noticed the same thing. I tired the reset in utilities ... not change. I'm not really good at tweaking, and was hoping that there would be an update on the Axe-Fx II Preset Banks A, B and C? I'll try some of the suggestions here as I have heard nothing about preset bank updates.
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    So M@ is sporting a shiny new 17 avatar

    Hang on ... I have to change my underwear ... I'll be right back!
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.00 Public Beta (Update: Beta1 Now Available)

    Configuration Management .... or something like that ...
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    It Never Fails

    That's what she said!
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    Where can I try?

    if you are going to be in Los Angeles Tone Merchants 5412 Cleon Ave. Suite N North Hollywood, CA 91601 Tone Merchants & Rack Systems LTD.
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    FW15 Flanger and Chorus

    Personally, I'm not concerned at all about the present state of the effects. With the new multi effects pedal board coming out, there will have to be much more detail focused on the effects. That will bleed over to the AXE FX, and with the already best amp modeler on the planet, it will be...
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