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    SSD vs. HDD external drives for recording

    Something like a Superior kit will load quicker, but then it's just a one-time thing when you open the project. After that, it's loaded into RAM and whether it's SSD or not won't matter. Well, unless you're using some kind of sampling program which actually streams from the disk rather than...
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    Getting Up And Running With A Standard.

    On the FAS site: Support -> Product Downloads -> Legacy The Axe-Edit beta that works with the old 1st gen units, preset banks, manuals, etc. are kept there. And yes, 11.00 was the final firmware update.
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    New Ibanez S5470Q: “sustain” problem. One note decaying abruptly.

    Just that the one saddle looks out of place. The rest of them are all positioned, relative to each other, in a way that makes sense, but that E-string saddle looks out of place. Normally (with a plain ol' set of 10s) it'd sit a bit further back from the A, like your A is with the D, and then...
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    New Ibanez S5470Q: “sustain” problem. One note decaying abruptly.

    Well that's certainly interesting. Hopefully it's just a matter of shifting the saddles slightly. On another matter... is that low E intonated properly?
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    New Ibanez S5470Q: “sustain” problem. One note decaying abruptly.

    If it's new enough that you haven't yet, I'd start with changing the strings. Might not fix the problem, but it's not like it's an expensive thing to try. Other than that... I wouldn't think it's something with the nut or saddle(s), as you'd probably be noticing it or something similar on other...
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    Advice appreciated!!

    What are you using in the cab block? The cab IR(s) will make a big difference and finding the right one(s) can take away a lot of the extra EQ work. If you're having to go crazy with the EQs in the Axe and in the DAW, I'd say work more with your amp and cab blocks. Pick something you like the...
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    Coaxing some mid range out of the axe's bass tones?

    Yeah, I was going to say try blending in a parallel signal with another amp, cab, or both. A lot of the time for heavier sounds I run a guitar amp and cab of some sort (don't remember what I'm using at the moment, maybe a Recto into some V30 IRs) alongside, with whatever filtering before and...
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    Another polyphonic sustainer option

    All their "marketing" seems to be in the form of forum spamming. I've seen it at various forums, where someone will start a thread going, "Oh look at this cool product I found." And then when everyone else goes, "I dunno, looks a bit shit. And what's with that website?!" or has any criticisms...
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    Questions about power conditioning, rack tuner and rack spaces.

    Yeah, you'll want this thing on wheels. When I played live, my Axe was in a 6U case (see sig pics). Axe, GT800FX, Furman, patch panel and one blank panel. I never had any problem with heat at all from the Axe-FX or Matrix, really just that a 6U was a straight off the shelf buy whereas a 5U...
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    just picked up an Ultra

    Using 4CM, you should be able to also bypass the Mark V's preamp and use the Axe's amp block for the preamp. The Mark V's preamp will be the FXL block, so you should be able to have all the Mark V's preampy goodness, as well as whatever you want from the Axe when you feel like something...
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    Axe Ultra won't connect to Axe-edit

    The old Axe-Edit that works with the first gen Axes, still available in the legacy part of the downloads section. As for what the problem might be, I'd have to fire up Axe-Edit when I get home. I use it so infrequently that off the top of my head I just have no idea.
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    Axe fx ultra cab settings help!

    Change your amp settings? If you've dialed in a sound with cab block on and then you turn it off, it's going to sound rubbish. Even if you dialed in a sound with a cab for running direct, just turning that off when you run into a cab isn't necessarily going to do it. If the IR you were using...
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    What is the best MIDI USB interface for standard fx? any body has an experience?

    I never had any problems with the MIDI on my old Presonus interface, and haven't had any with my current Steinberg unit. That said, for whatever reason I usually connect my Axe via a cheapo M-Audio unit. Don't remember what it's called, but it's a little single in/out USB unit.
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    Tips for Shipping Internationally?

    Customs will be the receiver's problem. Insurance, read up on the carrier's terms, what their built in coverage is, what additional insurance costs. Loss? Well that's what insurance will also be for. But if it's genuinely lost (rather than say, temporarily misplaced or whatever), not much more...
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    Tips for Shipping Internationally?

    Pack the hell out of it, and pack it properly. When my shiny new Ultra turned up here years ago, it was a box with some form inserts suspending the unit inside the box. That's a good idea, but not enough on it's own IMO. The box had been punctured, and because there were only those little foam...
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