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Recent content by deftim13

  1. deftim13


    $22,000 is the fine he will be hit with if he does not cough up the financial records for the band. Not how much the members are seeking. I've seen Ghost a ton of times starting in 2012 and know Simon and Martin pretty well. Tobias was always cool but man, such a dick move. They have all known...
  2. deftim13

    Black Friday Sale!

    Damn, these sales always end right when I can afford them. Just got my November bonus. Was hoping to pick up the deal with the expression pedal.
  3. deftim13

    Metallica doing BBS sessions - AFX in evidence

    It's measuring sound levels. You can see as lars plays harder it lights up. When James yells at it the same.
  4. deftim13

    Metallica doing BBS sessions - AFX in evidence

    Head to the 1:41 mark to see it.
  5. deftim13

    Metallica doing BBS sessions - AFX in evidence

    Thought it was cool to see AX8 being used in the tuning room!
  6. deftim13

    IK iLoud Monitors Connection Question

    I had an opportunity to pick up a set of the new IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors for really cheap. Looking at the connections I am unsure how I would get these connected to my Axe FX. What are my options using the TRS 1/8" connection? I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question but I...
  7. deftim13

    Baritone Crunchies - Recto 1 Red, Brit 800 and ML Zilla cabs. Presets included.

    Guitar sounds great but I am really digging that bass tone....
  8. deftim13


    I wonder if the bass player used an Axe FX for the Deezer sessions they filmed? His tone on that video is amazing. Listening through headphones it cannot be beat as a bass tone.
  9. deftim13

    DT-880 headphone question

    Quick search on Google brought this up. Looks like a known issue. Try the fix described and if it doesn't work I would return. http://www.head-fi.org/t/579944/solution-found-for-dt880-grattle-rattle-problem-at-low-frequencies#post_8061410
  10. deftim13

    DT-880 headphone question

    I have zero rattle at any level. I push mine with a headphone amp and maxed out nothing close to what you are describing.
  11. deftim13

    X's Winter NAMM Thread....\m/

    I will be there again this year as a guest of Carvin. Gotta love Flock. What a character. See you there.
  12. deftim13

    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    I will be there. See everyone that makes it out. Look for a Fractal Audio shirt and that will most likely be me!
  13. deftim13

    Shutting off the tempo light

    Black tape....;)
  14. deftim13


  15. deftim13


    I am on 12 shows now and was very lucky to see them early in their career. Recent shows are nothing short of amazing. Have had the pleasure of meeting the entire band on several occasions and they are extremely down to earth and are extremely grateful to meet fans( said thank you to me more...
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