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Recent content by bkd_guitarist

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    Do you want to know more about the Step Sequencer?

    Revived this necro thread just to say how much I love this trick. You've solved a longtime frustration for me. Thank you!!!!
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    The Bad/Corny Dad Joke Thread...

    How do you throw a party in space? You "planet." Pulling up to the departures area at the airport with my wife. Skycap: "Carry your bag, sir?" Me: "No thanks, she can walk." Arthur ran in to the grocery store, held up the first cash register he saw, found it was empty, and was so mad he choked...
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    Anybody on a diet?

    Believe me, I wish with all my heart that my experience bore this out. Life would be much easier!
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    Anybody on a diet?

    I believed this for a long time, but the experience of getting fit in my mid-40's has changed my mind. In my mid-30's I lost 63 lbs in 9 months on a ketogenic diet. I didn't exercise at all, but with focus and consistency on the nutrition side, the pounds fell off rapidly. Fast forward 10 years...
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    Anybody on a diet?

    Fascinating. I'll look into this. Thank you!
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    Later man

    Some good folks on TGP, but they're far outnumbered by the know-it-alls and assclowns. After 7-8 years, something like 12,000 posts, and countless wasted hours there, I realized, "this place mostly irritates me, it contributes nothing to my life other than a way to pass the time, and probably...
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    Question about the drives in the FX8

    Love 'em. When I first got my FX8, I assumed there was no way the drives could replace my pedals. For years I'd swapped out pedals and finally was perfectly happy with a Timmy, a Wampler Sovereign, an Xotic SL Drive, and an Emma Stinkbug. Figuring I'd keep my pedals and use the FX8 for effects...
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    Anybody on a diet?

    Do you have any links on IF that you found particularly helpful? Would love to see them. I've been doing the 12 hour fast which is simply not eating for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. Really it's a simple way of tricking my mind into not snacking around 8-9pm, which has always been my...
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    Cover Band: Do you match the guitar tones?

    They're mutually exclusive?
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    Best "cover songs" to get the crowd onto the dance floor?

    For a 40-50-something crowd of white folk, Start Me Up. As soon as those intro guitar chords ring out, the women start shaking that booty. HOWEVER, you will rue the day this song made it into your set list, and you may seriously consider outsourcing the main guitar part to a trained baboon. It's...
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    Anybody on a diet?

    Yes, though I don't really know what to call it. 3 meals a day with strict portion control, eliminated processed carbs, counting macros. Also doing CrossFit 4-5 days a week. Down 25 lbs in the past year, which isn't super fast but seems to be sustainable, and I feel incredible. But sore. ;)
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    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    No worries!
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    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    Ah. Yeah, I'm not in that camp. That screen is beautiful and I have an extra space in my rack. Add wireless control and my GAS is gone forever. Until the Axe FX IV. ;)
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    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    I certainly haven't suggested that, so I assume you're referring to other people. Dumping or reducing the front panel screen would be a terrible idea.
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    AxeFX III: What's Missing?

    It's a weird tendency that's more pronounced on this forum than elsewhere, probably because we're all pretty enthusiastic about Fractal gear...some much more than others, LOL. In my mind it's a simple, innocuous thing to say, "Does the new version have XYZ feature that'd I'd love to have? No...
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