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Recent content by bgrizzmayne

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    Is the FM3 user friendly?

    Hey guys- I owned an Axe FX II and didn’t bond with it. As much as I respect the level of tweak ability, it overwhelmed me and it seemed almost too easy to make it sound bad. I determined I was a straight forward amphead and bought a Suhr PT-15 to simplify my rig. I miss the options, but I...
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    FM3 or Line 6 HX Stomp as multi FX

    I'm looking to use the unit as a multi FX unit on my pedalboard, and as a direct to FOH backup solution with amp modeling. I'd make a different preset in the event that my amp blew a fuse, tube, or something. My amp does channel switch via relay. I wish the HX Stomp did this (the HX effects...
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    FM3 or Line 6 HX Stomp as multi FX

    I kind of think the HX stomp would be a better multi FX unit on a board with the modeling serving as an added bonus / backup solution if my rig went down. (since the PT15 is already a direct rig) While i have no doubt the FM3 is a better sounding unit, I wonder if the effects for Fractal are...
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    FM3 or Line 6 HX Stomp as multi FX

    Hey Fractal users! I run a big pedalboard and suhr pt15 IR. A traditional setup with direct to FOH. Recently, my power supplies died on me at a gig. ive had so many tube amps die that I always bring a backup amp. I was going to purchase an HX stomp for my board. It’d serve as a multiFX device...
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    Weird Ticking/Choppy Sound from one guitar thru Axe FX II - Video in Thread

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm using regular TRS cables into Yamaha studio monitors. Not sure, but would humbuster be something to look into?
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    Weird Ticking/Choppy Sound from one guitar thru Axe FX II - Video in Thread

    New update- it seems to be a proximity thing. When in front of my computer & monitor, i get the noise. It decreases in loudness as I move away. Weird!! Hope I can find a work around.
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    Weird Ticking/Choppy Sound from one guitar thru Axe FX II - Video in Thread

    My Axe FX II started acting weird the other day- it's never done this. I loaded up Bulb's latest rhythm/lead patch, which is fairly high gain, and was messing around. I'm getting this weird, ticking sound when I load up the patch. I figure Bulb wouldn't have dialed in the axe to sound like...
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    FW19- Axe FX II won't output sound

    Perfect! My bad for not looking around a bit more- saw that in the IO and was wondering if I'd need to change something. Mods can delete this if need be. Thanks again Webb.
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    FW19- Axe FX II won't output sound

    I updated to FW19 to use the newest version of Axe Edit and now I can't get any sound to output from my axe FX to my studio monitors, from my computer. Playing my guitar through the axe outputs to the studio monitors totally fine. 1. Cubase output is selected to FAS 2. Computer's audio playback...
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    What happened to Chris Katsukuri's Video's??

    Semi-related, but IMO Fractal Audio needs to put out tutorial videos themselves on many of the things Chris covered. I constantly find myself roaming youtube for helpful tutorials for operating other products, both software and hardware. When I bought my Axe FX II, I was surprised to see there...
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    Upcoming Axe-Fx II Streaming Class

    Watching the sample video- looks very informational! Do you get into talking about playing with the axe live? I've had decent success with tone dialing for recording volumes through studio monitors. When I tried to play out with my axe FX II, I had a lot of trouble. Fighting the fletcher munson...
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    Coming Soon

    I don't like the mission pedals myself, but JMO. The throw is super short, like a wah pedal. I have one for my wah needs, but for delay/volume i use the fv500
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    My expression pedals no longer work w MFC?

    Yep, likely pilot error. Still have had no luck. Yep, they are connected via TRS cables to the expression pedal inputs on MFC. MFC is working properly with regards to patch changes, etc. no idea why my configuration didn't change, yet they no longer work. I'm setting them up in axe edit, the...
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    My expression pedals no longer work w MFC?

    Hey guys- I hadn't used my Axe FX in a while and recently updated to FW 15. I fired up my MFC and wasn't getting any movement from my external controllers- I've got four. I tried using both Cat-5 & Faslink and neither remedy my problem. I went back and re-watched Chris' video on expression...
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    Line 6 G90 dropouts

    Exactly what i was planning on doing. Will report back tomorrow with results. I wonder how far they'll need to be away from eachother if this is the problem. I could place my EW300 stuff in our main rack w/ mixer, but sometimes on smaller stages, that isn't very much far away. In hindsight...
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