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My expression pedals no longer work w MFC?


Hey guys-

I hadn't used my Axe FX in a while and recently updated to FW 15. I fired up my MFC and wasn't getting any movement from my external controllers- I've got four.

I tried using both Cat-5 & Faslink and neither remedy my problem.

I went back and re-watched Chris' video on expression pedal setup and confirmed that my CNTRL values match up on the MFC & the Axe FX.

Any ideas? Unless all of my TRS cables or Expression pedals went bad...I can't get them to work. Maybe some setting on the AFX?

Also updated Axe Edit so everything is current. Firmware updates were successful on the two hardware devices & axe edit/fractal bot.

PS it's an MFC MK III


Try working on just one at a time. Hardware first- Make sure its a "balanced" cable ur using. Are you setting these pedals up inside of Axe edit? I don't believe for a second all 4 went bad either. Pilot error most likely... :D
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Yep, likely pilot error. Still have had no luck.

Yep, they are connected via TRS cables to the expression pedal inputs on MFC. MFC is working properly with regards to patch changes, etc. no idea why my configuration didn't change, yet they no longer work.

I'm setting them up in axe edit, the ball on the ext controller is moving at all. Maximum and minimum values set properly, but I can't get the ball to move.

I've got FV500's and a mission EP 1. Neither get the ball moving.
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