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FW19- Axe FX II won't output sound


I updated to FW19 to use the newest version of Axe Edit and now I can't get any sound to output from my axe FX to my studio monitors, from my computer. Playing my guitar through the axe outputs to the studio monitors totally fine.

1. Cubase output is selected to FAS
2. Computer's audio playback set to Axe FX II (The sound levels thing is lighting up, indicating it's sending audio to the AFXII)
3. USB cable is plugged in (and working, given that the computer seeing the Axe FX in audio playback and cubase's ASIO selection)
4. The output levels are set at noon

Things I've done:

Reinstalled Axe drivers
Updated Firmware
Rebooted Axe
Rebooted PC

The Axe's IO settings are at default.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm pretty stumped as to why I suddenly can't get cubase or chrome, or any application on my computer to output through my axe FX.

PS: No sound is coming out of the headphone jack, either. Except my guitar signal.


Someone else mentioned this in the bugs section. I think they found a clean file on the axe wiki and reset and that fixed it.


Perfect! My bad for not looking around a bit more- saw that in the IO and was wondering if I'd need to change something. Mods can delete this if need be. Thanks again Webb.
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