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Weird Ticking/Choppy Sound from one guitar thru Axe FX II - Video in Thread


My Axe FX II started acting weird the other day- it's never done this. I loaded up Bulb's latest rhythm/lead patch, which is fairly high gain, and was messing around. I'm getting this weird, ticking sound when I load up the patch.

I figure Bulb wouldn't have dialed in the axe to sound like this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DW2N5S5Js0

Sorry for the wank and poor audio quailty- just used my iPhone. Any help? Again, straight from Bulb's download section, gives me that crazy ticking with my Les Paul, Suhr, and Edwards E-RV-138.

At the end of the video, i'm turning the volume knob up and down- with the knob down, there's no ticking. Also at the beginning of the video, i turn my volume up and the clicking starts.

Any idea what this is? I'm noticing on all my higher gain patches now, and my axe has never done this.

Sorry for the thread title, it is doing it with MULTIPLE guitars. At first, I thought it was just my edwards, but my strat and Les paul do it as well


New update- it seems to be a proximity thing. When in front of my computer & monitor, i get the noise. It decreases in loudness as I move away. Weird!! Hope I can find a work around.


Anyone have any ideas? I'm using regular TRS cables into Yamaha studio monitors. Not sure, but would humbuster be something to look into?


Fractal Fanatic
I had a strange experience a couple of a days ago that blew my mind.
When using the bridge pickup on a guitar, I'd get this annoying 5K noise. Orienting the guitar in various ways did not seem to change anything. Moving away from my computer - no change.
I concluded that I had made a mistake in wiring my guitar.

Well, it was only the next days when I got into the guts of the guitar (and didn't find anything wrong) that the truth came to light.

I was wearing a pager. And that pager emitted a tiny electromagnetic vibration at 5.2 K, and as the guitar was resting against me, the pager was close to the back of the bridge pickup and induced that nasty noise!

Needless to say I felt a bit stupid but mainly relieved! So maybe a phone, a pager, anything like that can cause strange noises.
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