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Hello DropTheSun, thanks for the Axe Fx Midi patch - It's been great!

Tinkering around, I noticed that FS5 to FS8 has MIDI message: CC Toggle. Can you help me understand why it can still change presets in my Axe? What I know is that it's supposedly PC instead of CC.
Also, the CC#'s have the ff:
FS5=075, value 000
FS6=056, value 000
FS7=086, value 000
FS8=083, value 127
Hi, just wanted to thank you for your video on stretches for guitar players. Helped me a lot when I gave myself tennis elbow by overplaying a new guitar with a flatter radius than I was used to. For what it's worth, a friend recommended taking Vitamin D3, K2 and a sulfur called MSM. At least one of those seems to work well, too. Mahalo again for taking the time to share.
Hola, AB -
I’ve been stuck inside a HUUUGE programming project that we finally completed yesterday — and I’m now just starting to read up on the Ares 1.03 FW update for my XL2+. I’d like to update but I also don’t want to chase my tail — has the FW become stable (and did they find the missing 3dB)?
I trust your opinion: stick with Quantum or up to Ares 1.03?
hang in there with Quantum for now and this summer I'll get ARES updates out for the XL stuff... The amps react a little better with ARES but Quantum is still perfectly great.
As always, thank you sir -
Hello. In late 2017 you mentioned sharing a patch you use with your Ric bass in ROS mode. Can you point me to where it is at?
Leon - your YouTube channel is most inspiring - thank you for sharing the knowledge and sharing your IRs/presets.
cheers, michael.
I am in southern Indiana near Louisville.
I don't get to spend as much time with my FC 12 s as I would like too.
anyway .Good to meet you ..another brother ,take care
Hey Donnie! It's nice to virtually meet you! I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and yea, I've been playing at church for 7 or 8 years now- it's always good to meet other believers here! The AF3 is really ideal for this kind of playing- I've been really happy with it.
Greetings Adman: I don't think we`ve officially met ,My name is Donnie .I always like to see other Fractal-ites that are Playing music for the Kingdom.
I was able to see you are on a P & W team.
I am not yet playing on the platform at church .
anyway ,I like what you are doing with your FC6 n FC 12.
I am not very tecky at al.
I've been running an Apollo Twin for a few years now, love it!
Greetings ,,,I was watching your video on "should I get aAxe FX III '
and I was wandering if you could share the Preset you used ,for 2 guitars and a Bass ??
I really like the preset you was using on the bass also.
I appreciate all of the time you take in sharing yourr talent and expertise on the Forum.
I don't have that one loaded up but it's relatively easy to replicate. I'll try cook something up.
Hey Mr. Buchon! I know it's been some time since you created the dream cars music but I must say I love it. I am a progressive metal drummer. I would love to listen to the complete tracks and if you are ever local to Toronto, get together and play the material. It's fucking awesome. I look forward to hearing from you .
Always Heavy ,
Mike a.k.a The Hammer
I just have to say that you sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Been trying to make a good Adam Jones patch for years and I finally hit the nail on the head with your bass cab IR's. Thanks a lot mate!
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