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Your tips for less sponginess with RECTO ?


As title says, what are your tips for less sponginess with RECTO to get a more grainy and agressive tone ?



Drop the Sag a little. It used to be by an increment of 2, but since the FW 18, the sag has changed a little. Just try dropping it, just don't turn it all the way down or you'll turn off the PA.


Oh and maybe change the Power Amp Hardness to the higher setting. I forget what the names are, but that can tighten it up too.


Drive T808 OD drive 0.00 Level 10.00 . You can also add a Mark IV 5 band eq "V" shape EQ - I know Rectos didn't have 5 band eqs but this is AXE land and we can do what we want !


Recto is now my favorite amp in the box, its come a long way in FW18, doesn't require as much tweaking now. Mainly I've been using Recto2 Red Mdrn. Many prefer Recto1 but I seem to be one of the few who prefer the sound of the three channel rectos for whatever reason. These are my go-to parameters to tighten it up.

1. Low Master Volume. I have it set at about 2. If its too high, the bottom end distorts too much, and it gets flubby.

2. Use the 'Cut' parameter

3. If you're not using a boost, turn up the low cut frequency on the dynamic EQ page (or advanced page? I forget). This cleans up and tightens the bottom end. Its also useful for when you are using a boost. If it thins the tone too much, try adding the bass back with the GEQ Page.

4. T808 Mod - low to no drive (between 0 and 2), high level (6 to 10) and tone to taste (I usually have it all the way up). Higher level on the pedal and lower gain on the amp = tighter sound, and vice versa.

5. PEQ in front, cutting lows and boosting highs helps if you don't want to use an overdrive. I've been using a PEQ in front lately. I've set a low peaking filter at 100hz and high peaking filter at 10,000hz, with very wide Q's (almost as wide as it goes) cutting a ton of bottom, boosting a ton of highs, and then a big level boost. Its what I assume the TC Electronic Integrated preamp sounds like, as those are its center frequencies for the Bass and Treble controls. Dunno if the Q is right though.

6. Turn up Poweramp Hardness, as stated earlier. It will have less/no effect on the sound if your master is really low though.

7. Turn down poweramp Sag - though it now defaults to a fairly low setting. In previous firmwares it defaulted to a fairly high setting (I assume to simulate tube rectification?) and it benefited from being turned down. Now, it seems fine as-is, imo. Beware - turning this parameter to 0 will turn off poweramp modeling.

As far as the basic EQ, the treble tends to scoop the mids as you turn it higher, so compensate by turning up the mids. I also keep the presence really low, like 0.50 or so, just because it adds a lot of gross top end, and strangely seems to make it less chunky sounding when its higher (imo).
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The best tip I can think of for getting a super tight, thrashy high gain Boogie tone out of a Recto is to...

...change the amp from a Recto to a Mark series amp!

Rectos are among the most misunderstood amps I've ever encountered, honestly in no small part due to the tread plate and metal knobs on the front of the thing, giving it a kind of menacing look and suggesting the amp is supposed to be a razor sharp ultra high gain metal monster, but it's really not that at all. If you think of a 5150, Mark series amp, or ENGL type tone as a tight, agile sound that moves quickly and breathes fire while it cuts and slices, think of a Recto as more of a big slow freight train that simply crushes whatever lays in its path.

If you still want to turn a Recto into something sharper though, mnemonic is right on the money. Put something before the amp's input that cuts bass in some way, and keep the master volume relatively low.

edit: vvv hah, edited my post and hit the save button, then saw this. Cliff says it in fewer words. :)
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Like many have said. Lower the master, add a drive, and pre-post eq to taste. I will add that the IR you use it VERY important to Recto heaven in my experience. Also, cutting the lows on the tone controls helps. Presence is an important control for setting the "grainy" level of the drive. The higher the presence the less smooth it sounds to my ears. I also like to change the power tubes to EL 34's.

I find it curious that many people choose a Recto and then spend a lot of effort trying to make it sound like something else. Rectos are big, buzzy, grainy, and usually scooped and low mid punchers. I usually recommend 5150 variants or the SLO to get what you describe.


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Believe me..
MV CAN'T be over 3 for heavy rhythm..
I use it from 1 to 2..
This! I never go above 2.20 with the Recto's.
Using the cut switch and raising the mids considerably helps a lot also.
Scoop with eq after if needed.
However, I like my Rectos to sound kind of loose and spongy.


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for me it's sag almost all the way off, master volume low, poweramp hardness to 5, cut switch, and some mark eq....

Note for Cliff: MAN i really wish all mesa amps defaulted to the mark eq, currently the rectos or the triaxis models do not. just a pain to have to switch it when trying out different sounds, or accidentally overshoot to another model, then go back have to go and reset it every time.


My suggestion would be to use a TS drive in front of the amp block. With the Recto, if you want tight metal, it's a must. Like others have said, just use it as a clean boost. Use the Recto 1 Red Modern amp block with either the 4x12 Recto Mix or the 4x12 Recto New Mix cab block. For amp settings, be careful with the presence knob. Keep that pretty low. Also the same with the treble knob, I'd keep at noon or just under. Also, be conservative with the gain. Bump it up to where it's just enough and it'll stay tight for you. Over gain it and it goes to mess. As for bass and mids, just fiddle around with it until it sounds good to you. The main problems with rectos is really the fizz. Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope it gets you in the ballpark.


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I could be totally off but Ive noticed I get much more brightness and bring my amps/previous presets back to life with the following
Bias' preamp, tube, power amp, start turning them all clockwise, adjust to taste, listen for sweet spots
transformer match -counter clockwise
lower neg feedback (ccw)
low damp
and many of the amps I am using sat switch


How about this... dont use a recto? Its clearly not working for you. Trust me... you'll be much happier when you start dialing in your sounds with your ears instead of by amp name.
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