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The 20 Greatest Led Zeppelin I & II Moments played on the Axe-Fx III


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All vids work fine for me.

No better advertisement for the mighty AxeFXIII.
Agreed - the Axe-Fx III can make ANY recorded electric guitar tone you've ever heard, if you know how to program it correctly. This is a pretty good example of that. Some of these sounds are clean and direct, or a preamp (cab block), compressor....

It's a great time to be a guitar player and own one of these magic black boxes for sure!


So embeds play for me find in Chrome and Safari (assuming I allow uBlock Origin to load all the YouTube-related content). They do not work in Safari (where I'm not running any blocking). It's browser specific it seems, to some extent. Apologies if it's hitting you, but unlikely I can do anything to fix it I'm afraid.

Edit: also, fantastic f'ing video @ccroyalsenders. In addition to the stellar playing and tones, that look of joy on your face while you cover the Zep tunes is really awesome.


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I went to YouTube and found it and watched it. Nice job, but I would have liked to heard the songs from the first album demo'd using a telecaster since Jimmy Page mainly used a telecaster for that album.


I am just blown away at how accurate these sounds are.
Cooper... just fantastic playing and use of these tones man. You just earned AB $99 from me.


Fractal Audio Systems
Overall it's good but IMHO the sounds are bit too compressed and polite. Those first albums are raw and visceral and the video sounds like a modern, compressed take on them.

So I installed the Whole Lotta Love preset and analyzed it. IMO there's too much compression and EQ after the Amp block. I would suggest the following:
1. The Compressor block after the amp is pretty drastic. I'm seeing 10 dB (!!!) of compression. I would reduce the ratio (or remove the block altogether). It's squashing the dynamics too much.

2. Flatten out the Graphic EQ a bit. The High slider in the EQ block is at -12 dB (!). It's killing all your treble and you need that to cut through.

3. I'd probably remove the Drive block from after the amp too. That's squashing dynamics as well.

The pack is definitely worthwhile and with these few tweaks I feel it breathes some life into the presets.
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