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The 20 Greatest Led Zeppelin I & II Moments played on the Axe-Fx III


Fractal Fanatic
Here are 20 of my favorite moments from Led Zeppelin I (my all-time favorite album) and II, played through FW 11.
I'm using the amazing presets from @austinbuddy's latest Brit Rock Royalty Preset Pack, which is available for purchase. Studio accurate tones for every Jimmy Page part on Led Zeppelins I through IV!
Part II coming soon with my 20 favorite moments from LZ III & IV.

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Eric Borud

New Member
Absolutely amazing playing as always by Cooper. If you don't have these presets yet, buy them, just $99 until the end of the year. They are so spot on with the panning, the acoustic simulations, harmonizer, and 12 string tones. And the all out rock stuff isn't too shabby either. A great way to kill a lot of time.
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