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Guys, I always wanted to try the tone of Dimebag, I purchased my axe fx about 4 months and im blown away with the sound quality and its capabilities so I sat and dialed this box amazing black box and ended up with this:

Is basically an FAS Modern with a FET Boost and a tone match block

I used my LTD EC1000 loaded with Seymour Duncan JB+59

What do you think?
One of my best Friends here worked with Dimebag at Babydoll's in Dallas
they were very close... I will pull this up at his shop and crank it and ask him
He was close friends with Vinnie Paul also so I trust his ears over mine there but it sounds great here.

He has some very funny stories about BabyDolls and Vegas also....
Ill ask Gerald to put an ear to this he was around them all the time...
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