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  1. Jack_Zan

    Pantera - "5 minutes Alone" cover

    hi guys, I tried to play Pantera, unfortunately dimembag is impossible to imitate, don't be too hard on me 😁🤘🏻. I used the PVH 6160+ together with the stereo cab "Cali mix + Cali v30". The sound is not the same and maybe not even close, but I liked it a lot in the mix, let me know what you think
  2. AnswerInfinity

    Pantera "Walk" Tone.

    I worked the spectrograph hard on this one and got it as close as I could...
  3. William Stone Francesconi

    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Tone Match!

    Guys, I always wanted to try the tone of Dimebag, I purchased my axe fx about 4 months and im blown away with the sound quality and its capabilities so I sat and dialed this box amazing black box and ended up with this: Is basically an FAS Modern with a FET Boost and a tone match block I...
  4. MSS

    Rex Brown Smoke on This...

    What do you think? I am diggin it. I do find the arrangement to "One of These Days" a little odd but overall I think it's a solid rock album. You can hear Beatles, Floyd and Zep influences in there. Good stuff.
  5. Jotun666

    Pantera - Cemetery Gates (full band cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have my latest cover at Jotun Studio: Pantera's Cemetery Gates, featuring such great artists as Siegfried Song at vocals, El Pequeño Carlos (Little Charles) at guitars, Emilio Kanina at drums and myself at bass and audio and video production. We didn´t tried to recreate...
  6. Andrea Maccianti


    For me one of the most beautiful Solo of the great Dimebag. This Patch has 3 Scenes. Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. ENJOY IT!! :)
  7. Andrea Maccianti

    Dimebag Darrell "FLOODS" (OUTRO GUITAR LESSON)

    I received a few emails after my Floods video where I was asked to do a lesson on the Outro Section. This is my first Guitar Tutorial. For any questions I am here. Hope that help! ***PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!***
  8. Andrea Maccianti


  9. Andrea Maccianti


  10. Andrea Maccianti


    I want to dedicate this video to the great Dimebag Darrell. I love him. I do not know if the sound is similar, but it is not my interest, I wanted to build a sound that would appeal to me and the Fractal Axe-Fx2 gave it to me.Has 4 Scenes and Cab Pack 3 needed. Cab not included. Delay and Reverb...
  11. S

    5 Minutes Alone, (Tonematch)

    Okey, okey..Here is some Pantera tonematching =D I think this is not the preset you want to jam alone but works at least for this kinda of recordings.. I will put both guitar and bass presets below 'cause i think this presets is heavily depending on bass tone also :D
  12. Guitarjon

    Tones that will RIP YOUR FACE OFF! OH EDVH, Pantera inspired.

    So last week was the day that Dimebag died in 2004. This made me want to come up with some really heavy tones inspired by this guitar hero. I literally wanted to make the heaviest (6-string) tones that I could and the only speaker IR's that offer these types of tones and also sound great were...
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