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ltd ec1000

  1. The Raven

    I upgraded my new LTD EC-1000 BB (with sound examples)

    What's up again everybody! I made another video discussing the upgrades I did to my EC-1000 that I posted about a few months ago now. If you want to jump straight to the sounds, you can skip to 3:50. The short version: I installed some Gotoh locking tuners, the EMG 57/66 TW set, and a side...
  2. The Raven

    NGD: LTD EC-1000 BB Demo/Review (2021 Model)

    While technically I've had the guitar for a week or so, I just finished my demo/review so I figured I'd share it with you all. The tune this time is more for the heavy crowd, even though that's not been the main thing I've been trying to write these days. It's a pretty solid guitar with a cool...
  3. William Stone Francesconi

    Pantera - Vulgar Display of Tone Match!

    Guys, I always wanted to try the tone of Dimebag, I purchased my axe fx about 4 months and im blown away with the sound quality and its capabilities so I sat and dialed this box amazing black box and ended up with this: Is basically an FAS Modern with a FET Boost and a tone match block I...
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